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The United States of America (USA)

The United States of America (USA)
The United States of America is situated in central North America, with Canada to the north, Mexico to the south, the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. On the west of the U.S.A is a mountain range called Cordilleras. There is a famous Yellowstone national park. The best-known mountains are: Sierra Nevada and Rocky mountain. In the north of U.S.A by the frontiers with Canada there are Great lakes and Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls is the most attractive natural wonder. The Mississippi is one of the world’s greatest continental rivers. The hottest, driest place is Death Valley. East of Death Valley is Grand Canyon. North of Grand Canyon is Navajo reservation. Navajos are the largest Indian tribe.

The U.S.A began as a union of 13 states. Later on other states were admitted. At the moment the U.S.A is a federation of 50 states including Alaska and the island state of Hawaii. It is home of more than 243 million people mostly of European origin and also of Afro-American, American Indian, Japanese, Chinese and other origin. Besides English, which is the official language, the people of the U.S.A speak their native languages.

The most densely populated are the northeastern states of New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan. The northern states of the U.S.A are rich in most of the metals and minerals .The most important products are: coal, oil, natural gas, iron, steel and glass. The biggest industrial centers are Detroit and Chicago. The southern states are mainly agricultural. There are many cotton and tobacco plantations (for example in Georgia, Virginia, South Carolina.)

Washington in District of Columbia is the Capital city of the U.S.A. It was named in honour of George Washington, the first American president in the U.S.A. (the District of Columbia was named after Christopher Columbus – the discoverer of America) Washington was the world’s first city especially planned as a center of government. The President lives in White House and he has an Executive Branch. At the moment George Busch is the president of the U.S.A. There is also Congress, which consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Washington is a clean city because there aren’t industries. He is also a national center of culture and education. There are four universities.
New York is the largest city in the U.S.A It is an important seaport, industrial and cultural center of the U.S.A. New York was originally called New Amsterdam. The city has many attractions of interest for tourist. It draws and fascinates visitors with its skyscrapers. Another interesting place for visitors of New York is the largest Roman Catholic Church and Central Park (N.Y is also the seat of the United Nations) In N.Y is also the Statue of Liberty, which comes from France as a symbol of friendship between these two countries. Other cities and most important ports also are: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and San Diego. One of the most famous districts of L.A is Hollywood. It is the center of motion –picture industry. The northern region of the U.S.A is called as New England. It’s the region where some of the first colonist settled. There are also famous universities like Harvard (establish in 1636) and Yale (1701).
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