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The image a lot of people have of Americans is based on what they see most often – The American tourists. Then they think Americans are loud, extremely self-conscious, dressed in tasteless clothes. This traditional image of Americans is usually modified when the people get to know them better. Then Americans are seen as open, friendly, hard-working, independent and relying always upon themselves. Another image of Americans is the result of the influence of American movies and advertising. Tehy show Americans as rich people, living in luxurious houses, spending most of their time at parties, and driving their expensive cars.

America is a wealthy country and Americans enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world.
But the majority of Americans do not live in a great luxury. They have to work hard for the money they get. They know the value of money and do not like to „throw“ it away. Most of Americans earn enough money to pay the expenses and they also save extra money in the bank.

An average American family, living in a private house or in an apartment, has one or more phones, TVs, cars... Members of the family share the duties around the house. It is a typical custom to teach children independence from an early age. Americans like travelling and they often drive long distances through the country, especially during holidays to visit their friends and relatives. Americans usually do not stay in the same town all their lives. They like to move. It is typical for families to change a house and move to other town or state more than once in ten years. The American people, just like the British, love animals. They keep pets, usually a cat or a dog. Sometimes the family has several pets, and all get a very good care. In the last decade Americans started to take a greater care of their health. They do some sport, eat healthier food, do not smoke and drink less alcohol. 
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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