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a) Slovakia has a free education system based on 10 years of compulsory school attendance. Most of children attend public schools, which are free of charge. But there are also some private schools. Education begins at age six.
School system is divided into:
· first grade of primary school- age 6 to 10
· second grade of primary school- age 10 to 15
· 8-years long high school studies- age 10 to 18
· 4-years long high school studies- age 15 to 19
· middle technical, industry or art school- age 15 to 19

In the 9th form of primary school the students can choose on which school they want to study. The most difficult are secondary grammar schools.Students on these schools are prepared to study on universities. Type of education on these schools is academic. Social and natural sciences are taught. Secondary modern schools are the second kind of secondary schools. Especially technical or natural sciences are taught. Comprehansive schools are the last kind of secondary schools. Much time is given to handy-crafts and other practical activities.Students take a school leaving examination on theese schools. Slovak language is obligatory. The second object must be mathematics or a foreign language. Next two objects are arbitrary.
b) Schools usually begin at 7.30 am and end at 2 or 3 pm with a few brakes for eating and talking with schoolmates for example. We eat in school dinnig-hall. There are a lot of tables with chairs. At school we can play various types of sports or attend to tutorage in free time.
c) Life of students is easy, but sometimes also very hard. We have to learn, make homeworks, project for school. Sometimes we haven´t much free time for our friends, family or for myself. Every student do in free time something else. For example I go to out with my best friend, with my parents somewhere on a trip or I watch some film...and sometimes I learn. The most of free time we have on holiday. I think, that like every student.
d) British education
Education in Britain begins at the age of 5. The first type of school is the primary school, divided into Infants and Juniors. In class there are normally about 30 children. They have one teacher for a whole year and this teacher takes them for all subjects. Classes usually begin at 9 am and end at about 3 or 4 pm. They have one hour break for lunch. British school children usually wear uniforms in traditional school colors. At the age of 11 most of children go to comprehensive school, and at the age of 16 they go to grammar schools or secondary moderns schools.

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e) American education
Compulsory education in all the states begins at the age of 6.
All the elementary and secondary education in the U.S. is comprehensive.
System of U.S. education can be divided into the following stages:
1) Elementary education through Elementary School
2) Secondary education through High School divided into:
a) Junior High School
b) Senior High School
3) Higher education through college or university, which can be followed by graduate and professional schools.
The student’s life is very individual. Of course his/her school activities are not finished after the school. He hat to do his homework and prepare for some eventual oral answers. On the other hand, he should find some free time for his hobbies and friends. During summer holidays a lot of them are searching for a part-time job to earn some money. In Britain there is also increasing number of school-leavers who take a gap between school and university. It can be a good chance to experience some adventure, to travel or to earn some money as well as to develop maturity and independence.

Knowledge of foreign language is nowadays one of the most important skills not only when taking holidays abroad, but first of all in a professional branch. Knowledge of a foreign language is many times very necessary part of a job interview, mark of a professional growth and it is also an important source of new information from the cultural, science and technical range. The best way is studying abroad indeed. You can go to an exchange residence abroad, to take a language course or to care about the children as an au pair, which is very favourite with Slovak girls.

During all the studies the student develops some sort of relationship with every teacher which he gets in touch with. Basically, their relationship is formal, but at basic school teachers take more care about their pupils, mostly the younger ones, they are interested in their life and family background. Communication between them is closer; they are more like parents to their pupils. At secondary school teachers are more like friends but this relationship is not as close as at basic school. They don’t have as much influence on our personality as they have on our future. And, if the teacher isn’t friendly we begin to dislike the subject as well. But many good teachers know how to find their way to the students’ hearts and make them love their subject.

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