The Young and their world

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The Young and their world
Adolescence is a stage of development between childhood and adulthood when a person is  biologically adult. Their physical or psychological development is almost complete but emotionally they aren’ t fully mature.
A term youth includes teenagers from the age of 13 till the age of 19 but also young adults from 20 till 30. 

- What is a position of young people in society?
Rights: Young people have basic rights as all of the people in the world. It is different in each country. There are different age  limits for driving a car, buying alcohol or cigarettes or working.  In Slovakia law allows kids over 15 to have a legal part-time job. Legal drinking is allows of 18. Also driving car is allows of 18. In Slovakia it is 18, in USA it is the age of 21 when they are responsible for themselves.
Opportunities: Young people have lot of opportunities. They are young and they can do everything what they want, because they don’t have pledges. They can work and study; they can travel, recognize foreign land and obtain new experiences. There are also some disadvantages. In opinion of adults and elderly people are young people not enough responsible, they don’t have experiences.
Young Families : Many young people today start their own families later in life than their parents did.  They want to work on their career first and get married later. They can’t afford to buy their own flat or start a family. It‘ s because it is difficult for them to find a job because they don’t have enough work experience when they finish school and because there are few job opportunities in Slovakia. They often travel to foreign countries to learn a foreign language, earn money and gain experience. Young families are different nowadays. In modern families they share chores, husbands help at home more.
- How would u characterize a typical teenager?
Appearance: Young people like to dress nicely. They like to wear brand name clothing.
They like being fit and attractive. Girls want to be slim and boys want to look fit and have strong muscles – that’s why boys often go to the fitness centre and girls are often on diets because they want to loose weight. They dye their hair and use a lot of cosmetics. They also like to have piercing and tattoos.
Character: Thier emotional life is much more intensive than before. They have their dreams and plans for future Love and friendship become the most important values. They like their friends and they like spending time with them. Young people like to be independent and respected - they know what they want from life. They don’t like criticism and they don’t like to be told what to do.
Some young people are nowadays very cheeky,rude and impolite and they don’t care about other people. Sometimes they are lazy – they don’t help other people. 
Life style: They want their life to be interesting and exciting. In the developed world, young people are usually well-educated, experienced and self-confident. They know their goals and try to reach them. They are often hardworking and they have many opportunities to study or work abroad – they often travel to foreign countries to learn a foreign language, earn money and gain experience.
Interests & leisure time: They like to go out with friends – they go to pubs, cinema, discos, music festivals… The modern inventions and gadgets make our lives easier . They can’t imagine life without the mobile phone or the computer. They use Internet to shopping on-line, find information, chatting, to keep in touch with friends . They spend a lot of time playing computer games or listening to music. Young girls like to buy new clothes and make-up.  Most young people like sport  they like to go skiing, swimming…

- Relationships among adults and youngsters…
Peers: The friendship is one of the most important values in the lives of young people. Friends are used to getting together. They have same or similar attitudes and views. They share their opinions,experiences and feelings between each other, they help each other. 
Parents: Many of young people, especially teenagers have some conflicts with their parents. Young people often criticize their parent´s conservative lifestyle. They claim that parents dont give them enough freedom. They dont like when their parents criticize their friends, clothes or hairstyle. They think parents are underestimate them, and they also complain that they dont have enough pocket money, or that they are not allowed to come home later.
- What influences young people?
Young people are influenced by friends, peers, social rules, mass media…Each of these influences young people in different ways.
Parents: Young people need parent’ s attention.  Parents actually influence their kids more than they know. Kids with supportive parents are more self-confident and they have higher grades in school and lower levels of depression, fighting and other risky behaviors. Unfortunately, most parents are busy with work.
Friends: Another thing that influences young people is friends and peers. When young people have bad friends they are influenced in bad ways. They get bad experience.  Good friends can influence young people in many ways. They can influence them to build the best qualities. For example: to doing their best in a sport, at school or in their social life.
Mass Media : influences on young people in the wrong ways. It makes them more violent, passive and more sexual.
- What are the problems of young people?
Teenagers face many challenges on their way through adolescence. They want all try. Smoking is one of the most widespread problems of young people. Teenage smoking is often caused by the peer pressure. Because each teenager wants to fit in with the rest of the group and wants to be cool… The same comes with taking drugs and drinking alcohol.
School violence is another serious issue appearing in the life of teenagers. Also called bullying. People may be bullied for no particular reason or because of the colour of their skin, wearing glasses or being different.

- What do u think about the importance of friendship?
I think that friendship is one of the most beautiful relations of all. Friends are our truest treasures. I think real friend should be always there for us, accept us as we are. We can even trust them. Building a circle of friends makes us happy, we don‘ t feel alone. Friends are those who cheer us up when we are sad. They motivate us to achieve the goals of our lives. Without them we are simply nothing. Life would loose all its meaning and charm.

- In what ways are Slovak, British and American people different?
In american movies are teenagers often described as young people who dont care about study, they just wanna party. But I‘ m sure that‘ s not true. Maybe there are some differences. Different countries have different ways of life.
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