England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland

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England is the largest of the countries and i tis the seat of political power.  The capital city is London. The Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace are found here.  England has a very rich architecture,many of greatest churches were built there. The English countryside is remarkable for its green fields and trees. Small villages look beautiful with their well-kept gardens and houses. Country has a long coastline with many famous seaside resorts, sucha s Brighton or Torquay. The most beautiful natural scenery can be seen in the Lake Ditrict.

The capital is Edinburgh. The country is famous for bagpipes or Scotish Whiskey. Scotland is quite mountainous and the United Kingdom´s highest peak , Ben Nevis ( 1,343m ), is found here. Scotland is a country of hills,lakes and rivers.The most famous lakes are Loch Ness and Loch Lomond.  It is a wonderful country full of traditions colour and romance. Apart from English, Scottish Gaelic is spoken here. Glasgow is famous for shipbuilding and heavy steel manufacture.


Wales  is called THE LAND OF SINGERS , official language is Welsh but English is more widely spoken. Cardiff is the capital, Rugby is popular sport in Wales. There are beautiful mountains, many castles, beautiful cities .


Northern Ireland remained par of the United Kingdom when Ireland gained Independence. The country also has its own government. The capital and largest city is Belfast.


Great Britain is an industrialized country. Major industries include iron and steel engineering ( including motor vehicles and aircraft ), textiles, plastics, cotton, chemicals, electronics, wool, shipbuilding and food products.  Natural gas, large quantities of which have been discovered in the North sea, is very important mineral resource. The chief agricultural products are wheat, barley,oats,potatoes,sugar beet, milk and meat. British farms  raise sheep and cattle and grow grain and vegetable.


The British people are said to be reserved in manners, dress and speech. They are conservative and stick to traditions. They are famous for their politeness, self discipline,reliability and for their specific sense of humour. They never seem to be in a hurry and are seldom agitated. British people rarely shake hands when they meet. They are very fond of animals and sport –  footbal, cricket,  rugby, polo, watching horse –racing. British peple like spending holidays at the seaside – Spain or France.
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