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Choosing a job in an important step in everybody´s life. Small children usually don´t know what they wat to be. At first they admire so called „hero“ professions such as pilots astronauts, firemen or policemen.Girls on the other hand dream of becoming actresses models, singers or ballet dancers. But as they get older they become more and more realistic.
Some children look up to their parents and want to follow in their footsteps, therefore there are generations of doctors, teachers, actor...
 - Various statistics show that young people with higher or university education have a better chance of finding a good job. (so, education is very important.)

EMPLOYMENT(zamestnanie) is a contract between an EMPLOYER(zamestnávateľ) and an EMPLOYEE(zamestnanec)
People who have their own business are self-employed. The UNEMPLOYED are people who do not have a job.

-When peaple search for a new job, they look at several factors, such as type of work possible promotion(povýšenie) and career development, salary working time, travel opportuaities, place of work and others.
The available(voľné, dostupné) positions are published in the newspapers or on the internet. The candidates send the job aplication and their CV (currisculum vitae). Their CV should incluide personal details: name, address,date od birth, nationality, telephhone, e-mail...) details about education , skills(using a computer, foreign languages,car licence...) and work experience
The best candidates are invited to an oral interview.At the interview, they usually answer guestions, describletheir motivations and expectatations.
Candidates should prepare well for the interview, answer clearly and stay calm.Successful caididates are offered a job with a starting salary, position,  medical beuefits and vacation days.
-People have-fall-time jobs
-part-time jobs
Doctors, nurses, truck drivers work in shifts.
- Some people work manually, for example: workers, shop assistances, dressmakers, hairdressers, miners...
  -Some people work intellctually, for example teachers, doctors, lawyers, artists, scientists...
1.What kind of job would you like to have in the fature?
2.What does a „good job“ mean to you ?
3.What kind of job would you never like to do ?
4.What kinds of professions do you think, are the most interesting ones ?
5.What is employment ?
6.What information should be included in a Professional CV ?
7.Would you like to be a teacher ?
Curriclum Vitae „CV“

Title,name,surename,age – Tatiana Slovákova 32
Contact address: 7 Holleého street
Street – Holleého street
Tip code , city – 917 05 Trnava
Country - Slovakia
Phone  -  +421-43-123456
Mobile - +421-905-123456
e-mail - slovakova
Achieved education - gradution
from-until – 1980-1985
schol – Compresehsive Economie High School
city town - Novákovo
field of study - gradvation
courses and trainings
from until – 4/19.. – 6/19
institution – economy Ltd.
course training name – double – entry bookkeeping for
work experience
from –till
position job tasks
from-till employer
job tasks
language skills
Office skills
Computer skills-user
Driving licence
Additional skills
And interests
In trnava, July 16th 2009
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