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RELATIONSHIP is the way that people behave towards back other, feel about back other etc. we can have a good or close relationship with some people (or polite and friendly relationship) it means that we like these people, they are usually our friends

RELATIONS is the official or public relationship that exists between groups of people, organizations or countries.
-People who love each other or fall in love have a loving or sexual relationship.
Less formal words or expressions in English are: Hello, Hi, See you, Bye, Thanks. and very formal are: Good morning, Good bye, Thank you....
- Holding the door open for someone putting a hand over mouth when you are coughing or yawning is considered POLITE, hat to speak with full mouth or keeping a hand in a pocket when you are speaking is considered IMPOLITE.
A good relationship is like being joined to the other person, ending a relationship can be like loosing a part of yourself. A lot of people believe that a broken friendship can be repaired.
Maybe it is like when a broken vase is glued back together but the cracks never go away.
People with the same values stick together; when we make friends we usually try to find people who have similar opinions about life as we do. We like to be around people who think like we do and solve problems in a similar way.
(-In each society there are problems between people of different races: white people, negras, gipsies.... religions: moslims, jewish.... and social classes: upper classs, middle class and working class.)
- Are you satisfied with the relationship in your family? (What would you change if you could?)
- Who is your best friend? (Can you descibe him, her?)
- What do you think about the capital punishment?
- How do you distinguish formal and informal English? Give some examples.
- What is considered to be polite and impolite?

I don’t agree with the capital punishment because nobody can judge only God!  Everybody has a claime for life. In my opinion those who commited crime should be seateured to full life. 25 years in prison for killing is not enough.
happy -  šťastný addle-brained – tvrdohlavý
clever – múdry   bad – zlý
plucky – odvážny  absent - nepozorný
kindly – milý  indecent – neslušný
carefree – bezstarostný lazy -  lenivý
solid – slušný abortive - neúspešný
polite – slušný  aggressive - agresívny
patient – trpezlivý  impolite -  neslušn
glamorous – čarovný  impatient netrpezlivý
hardworking – usilovný ugly - śkaredý
determined – odhodlaný  violent - násilný
airy – ľahkomyselný
naive – naivný
arrogant – arogantný
big header - namyslený
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