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Hobbies, Free Time and Lifestyle
Leisure time  or free time is the time in which people do not have  to work, time when they can do whatever they like, i tis the time of entertainment and fun. Some people  say they cannot draw a line between their job and free time – their proffesion is their hobby.

For some people hobby means collecting various things, f.e. stamps, postcards, badges, coins, models of cars.... Other people who are married and have families and children have usually some useful leisure  activities like gardening, doing repairs, cooking, decorating the house...

Young people are keen on sport activities especially for boys they are number one. Boys spend a lot of time playing football, basketball, tennis or table tennis. In winter ice-hockey is very popular. Girls choose gymnastics, athletics or swimming or dancing. At present many young people go to fitness centres to be slim and fit. A lot of people enjoy arts,  so in their free time they  are painting, drawing, singing or playing the musical instruments. Whatever your hobby is it helps you relax and brings  you relax and brings you a lot of pleasure.
1.  What is leisure time?
2.  Do you have a pet? If so how do you look after it?
3.  Which sports do you practise as a hobby?
4.  Do you play aany musical instruments?
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