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Clothing and Fashion
Clothes are very important for people. They protect people against cold, frost or rain. The clothes what  people wear tell us about their age, origin, religion, interests and financial situation. Sometimes it is difficult to say what is still trendy or what is already out.
- In previous centuries women’s and men’s clothes were totally different and you could recognize them from a distance. Women wore long skirts, long – sleeved dresses, long hair… and men wore trousers, shirts and jackets.
- The revolution in clothing began in the second half of the 19th century.
- Today there are not many differences between women’s and men’s clothes.
- Clothing is connected with weather. In summer we wear light materials suck as cotton or silk. (hodváb) and in winter we wear warmer materials suck as wool or nylon.
Nowdays, women usually wear trousers, jeans, t – shirts, jackets, blouses, jumpers, skirts, summer  dresses, shorts, shoes, boots, hanbays, scarfs, bats + various jewerlleries = larings, rings, arm bracelets… (silver or gold), coctail dresses, long – evening dresses, high – heeled shoes, pyjamas, slips, bros, swimming – suits
Men  usually wear clothes which are more  simple and more conservative, for example trousers, shirts, anorak, ties jacket, hats, jeans, T – shirts, shoes, socks, belt.
- Dressmaking has become a big business these days. Fashion designers are world famous, very rick (for example Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld, Vivien Westwood, Kenzo, Donatella Versache, Dolce and Gabbana…)
1. What clothes are you wearing now?
2. What are the most favourite clothes among the young?
3. How is clothing connected with weather?
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