My traveling story

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My traveling story

It hapeened six mounths ago when I was going on holiday with my friends to Italy, the sun was shining and we were waiting for the bus to come. my family didn’t go with me because their mom was going. First three hours the situation was perfect, but as we left our country I started to feel a little uncomfortable, my stomach didn’t feel well, so I asked for some pills, but they didn’t help me. As we traveled further my stomach got better, so I decided to take out headphones out of my pocket and listen to music.

When the night came allmost everybody fell instantly a sleep, because it is not my good habit to go to sleep that early, so I stayed awake and were listening to the music. I was slowly falling a sleep as well, but suddenly something big and black run trought the driver´s eyes he panicked and accidentaly driven out of the road because lights of the bus broke it was hard to see where we were going the driver quickly stomped the breakes it was close because we could have fallen out of the cliff, but it still was not over! Some unknown animal hit the bus and we were about to fall luckly the mechanics of the bus were in a good condicion so the driver opened us a door and we could all escape after we were out of the bus the bus fell from the cliff. Then the police took us home. After that experience I decided to stay at home for the rest of the summer!
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