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My Family

A: My name is Miriama. I was born and raised in small town of western Slovakia in Bratislava. I am 19 years old and I studies on high school of Janko Kráľ.

B: I live with parents,grandparents and my brother in big house in Zlaté Moravce. So we are three house generation. I have one younger brother. His name is Filip. We are very close to each other, although he is eight years younger than I am. He is studying at primary school and when he will older he would like to be a policeman. My father is 44 years old and I can say that we have a great relationship. He works as a head of the Integrated Rescue System in Nitra. In addition to his family he loves the sport and fast cars.My mother has the some name as me,she is also Miriam and she is 39 years old. She is very strong and good person. She is the one who influenced me to go to the high school and the to the college. And what about my grandparents? They are the best people in the world that I know. They are nice, helpful and carefully. The name of my grandmother is Elen. Everyone to call her with this name, because if we tell her grandmother she feels old. And my grandfother is alredy retierd so now he have more time for us.

C: Family relationships are an important part of our lives, from birth of children, to weddings, to our old age. However, learning to get along with everyone is sometimes a challenge. We know many types of relationships,for example: Relationship between siblings: When they are small children they usually fight and argue. When they are older they become friends and they stick together. They usually have the same hobbies. But sometimes there are also brothers and sisters that hate each other.. Relationship between parents and their children is based on love. Parents should be an authority for their children and children should have respect for parents. Parents look after their children, but when children grow up they argue with parents because of their own opinions. And then can be relationship disturbed. But the true is,that not only in the children is mistake. Some parents are too strict and some don’t show their interest about children. And that is what all children needs. To be loved. Relationship between gradparents and children: They spend a lot of time together.Grandparents play with them, talk to them,sometomes teach them,when parents does not have enough time.So they are often as their second parents. However, their influence isn’t too big. And the relationship can be spoil, especially in children teens ages because they are not as strict as parents. Housework: are sometimes one of the biggest problems between parents and children. Children are lazy to help parents. But parents prosecute to do everything,so children do only easy works such as vacuum cleaning, dusting, washing up and tidying their room. Wekdays and family celebrations: in usual,ordinary day has each family member certain obligations, so an ordinary day in family looks like as in any other, for example in yours. And look at the bottom of remarkable are for example birthday celebrations, weddings and anniversaries.

D: Vision of my family? I would like to have a family but only after university. My priority is to finish university successfully and then I can think about my wedding. I would like to have 2 children-boys. I always used to dream about a perfect boy who will be handsome, smart and really kind. But now I know that no one is perfect. He should have the same opinions as me, he should be kind and he has to love me. But I already my dream partner found and the most importantly is,that I am happy with him, we understand to each other and we know to imagine a common future together. I would like to live with my family in the house, because I have always lived in house, so I used to it and I like it. In family house everyone has his own room what is important in implementing their ideas. The house should be situated somewhere near the center of the town and also near my work.I want to study a politics at the university, so with this should connected also my work. But now I don’t know exactly what I want to do because I have enough time to think about it. But I would like to have interesting and well-paid job. To be honest I really wanted to get into Parliament, but it is still a future song.

E: A family consists of people who are socially related to another one. Relations in family are based on love, respect, trust, understanding, adaptability, tolerance and communication. However, we know many types of relationships: One of the types is Kinship: It is a related concept that means connections between people that are “blood relationships”. An example of kinship relationship might be relationship between mother and child. So the relationship between a husband and wife is one of “family”, while the relationship between them and their children is one of the both family and kinship. The second type of family is Marriage: is an important concept when talking about family life in our society. We place a great deal of importance upon the concept of “legal marriage” as the cornerstone of the family group. The third type is a Household: is a group of people who have a common residence. There is not necssairly any family or kinship relationship between them. In general, the legal union of two adults is considered the norm in most modern industrialised societies. However, “cohabitation” (the idea, that two people live together and raise their children without being formally married) is an increasingly popular choice. Marriage in our society tends to be of the serial monogamy type, that is,that you can only be legally married to one of the opposite sex at any time. But other societies practise strict monogamy, it means that you are married to your partner until his/her death. Divorce is prohibed. In yet, other societies, various forms of polygamy are practised. For example: when a man can be married to more than one woman or, in rather more extreme cases, a woman can be legally married to more than one man.
In some societies, choice of marriage partner is a matter of individual choice- people meet, fall in love and marry. In others arranged marriages are the norm. It is a situation in which parents either decide with who will their children marry. And here are some other structures of family: Extended families: This type of family structure generally consist of three or more generations living in the same household. Another example is the nuclear family:
This type basically consist of two generations of family members living in the same household. Also we know single-parent families: This type of family sometimes referred as a “broken nuclear” family and it is often. The presence can be attributed to three main factors: the death of marriage partner, pregnancy outside partner or with partners divorcing.
The last one type is reconstituted families: or sometimes called step-families. One consequence of high rates of divorce is an increase in the number of families headed step-mothers and step-fathers. This type of family is usually nuclear in form and structure is becoming increasingly common. If I have make compare and contrast with families in the past and now, my opinion is, that Family in the past used to be bigger, they used to have more children but now the average number of children in modern family is 2. Parents want to make career and also it is very expensive to have so many children. Other imperative thing that is important to mention is generation gap because of differences between two generations. There are discussions, arguments. The most common are arguments about pocket money (children want to work during summer holidays or weekends, but parents forbit them to do, because the work is in their opinion dangerous or inferior),houseworks (young people are too lazy and parents are too pedant), clothes (some parents don’t like the way their children dress. Some young people want to protest against society: punk, hippies),marks (parents get angry about their children’s attitude to the study),friends (they are afraid of bad influence of friends) and so and so on. And I think, that this problem will never stop, because children will always have different ideas as they parents.

If I have to choose one of my family members I would like to tell you something about my brother.. I don´t know why I choose right(just) him, but how is he older,he create an integral (neddelitelnú) part of my life.. Filip has only 11years,but he understand me as he should be an adult person. He talks to me when I feel bed,he tells me his idea, he is next to me when I need him. Simply he is for me the best person ever.
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