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Types of sport (team or individual, winter or summer, atractive sport)
Sport is a fyzical activity which makes us fun and have some rules. People do sports, because they want to keep fit and they enjoy it. Sport can be a form of relaxation or sport can be refreshing, can help to take off some weight and makes us strenght. During the sports you can meet a lot of people. Sports can be divided into a part for example- individual, collective, winet and summer, etc.We can practise outdoor or indoor sports, in water or anywhere we want. Outdoor sports are follow: golf, skiing (cross-country, down-hill, slalom, ski-jump), climbing, marathon-running, hiking, tourism, mountaineering, horse riding, rallies etc.

Indoor sports include: table-tennis, gymnastic, chess ...
There are also some sports which could be played both indoor or outdoor such as: tennis, ball games (basketball, volleyball), ice-hockey etc.
Water sports are: swimming, water-skiing, diving (mask, flippers, bodyglove – wet suit), water polo, yachting, canoeing or rowing.
We can also divided sports according to the season they are practised:
Summer sports: swimming, ball games (football, cricket, golf, ...), athletics (sprint, high jump, long jump, javelin throw, ball throw etc.).
E.g.: Winter – in summer rest and preparing time for its season.
Winter sports: All sports connected with snow. Skiing, sledge, bobsleigh, biathlon, skating, snowboarding, speed skating, ice-hockey, competitive figure skating (single skating, pairs or ice-dancing).

We divide sports into summer and winter. But all of this sports can be practised all-season, because there is a grat number of gymnasiums and sports centres. Some of the people do sports only for pleasure, so they are amateur or non-professionals, but amateurs with very good achievments can be professionals and be paid for bood results, but they must work very hard.
Collective games are for 2 and more players. The most popular is baketball, ice-hockey, football or volleyball. Individual sport is skiing, swimming or aerobic.People all around the world are interested in sports. Ball games are very popular everywhere.
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