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Radio and TV
Since the invention of radio wawes, there have been radio stations. Some are only regional, some are national or even international. To listen to the radio, we need only a receiver and to know the frequency – number at which the station broadcasts. There are various types of stations with various programming (type of news or music played). Somebody likes listening to news and sport, somebody prefers music – and can choose his favourite kind. Radio has also an important role in our safety, because by public service announcement we can get emergency information about the traffic or weather. As for TV, nowadays we can choose from variety of TV programmes. Slovak television is a public television network that broadcasts on cable television and satellite TV. The first channel broadcastes mostly news, politicals discussions, films, series and children programmes. The second specialises in documentarie, quiz shows, educationals programmes and music. The third channel broadcasts live football or hockey matches. Foregian languages films on Slovak TV channels are mostly  dubbed, rarely subtitled.

Commercial stations, such as TV Markíza and TV Joj, also enjoy wide popularity. Popular series, sitcoms, quiz shows and reality shows also from a part of their programme. The introduction of people-meters increased the competition among the channels. In 2001, TA3, the first Slovak news channel started broadcasting. Thanks to this channel, Slovak can watch  current news throughout the whole  day. Its programmes cover a wide range of topics, mostly from economy, politics,technology and sport.

Slovaks can also watching several Czech channels. Thanks to no language barriers and interessting programmes, they are very popular in our country. Apart from these channel, there exist  a number of local channels focusing on local interests. Some TV stations make  a selected content of their programmes available on their websites.  I - as a student - use TV especially as a relax so I prefer comedies and music channels. From time to time I watch educational programmes from the field of medicine. Till last year I could record the favourite programmes on videocasettes and watch it again and again...But nowadays its for me impossible because there is special equipment needed and I don´t own it. If I want to watch some film again I have only two choices: to buy it on DVD or to find it on the Internet and watch it.
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