Collective sports

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Collective sports
These sports should be based on “team spirit“ and coordination of  many players, who are able to achieve huge success if they connect together and play as one compact, well trained unit. Unfortunately, it isn’t always the truth. There are many corruption scandals, and non-fair-play is also very, very common. Most of them are played with a ball, I don’t want to devote them because I have never felt sympathies to them, it’s just state of mind. I can even tell I HATE football, but I will focus on this problem later. The only exception from collective sports is for me ice hockey.
ice hockey
Everyone knows it, so I won’t describe rules, success or failures of our representation. But the magic of this sport is in the fact it connect people all over the country, no matter if they are rich or poor, from East or West, stupid or intelligent… It is able to evoke mass hysteria in the positive meaning. The Holy grail of season is the World Championship played for about two weeks and this two weeks are like Christmas for everyone with patriotic feelings. Why? Because if you wave with flag of your country in this time, you are marked like normal fan, it isn’t nothing extraordinary. But when you do this in other parts of the year, you are automatically extremist, racist, neo-Nazi or I don’t know what else. That’s what makes me angry.
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