Australia - Fauna and flora

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Australia - Fauna and flora

Australia is famous for it’s fauna and flora. There lives animals which we can’t find no else in the world. It is the world of animals with which we could met 60,000,000 years ago on other continents.     The most common trees are the gums (Eucalyptus) and wattles (Acacia). Most native mammals are kangaroos, koala bears, wombats, possums. The platypus and the echidna – which lay eggs and suckle their young, are unique.

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Other rare animals are wallaroo, Dingoes, flying foxes, anteater, black swans, giant lizards and kiwi. There are also about 400 species of reptile like crocodiles, turtles, frilled lizards, many snakes (a lot of kinds of python) and Boyds Forest dragon. There are some 700 species of bird including parrots, eagles, owls, pelicans, cassowary and penguins. From sea animals there lives whales, dolphins, great white sharks, Australian fur seals, saw fish, giant cuttlefish...

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