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A sad princess – Opis rozprávky

Once upon a time there was one king who had three princes. He loved them and he wanted to give them everything in the world. One morning he woke up and he felt that it was his time, so he had to call his daughters and spoke with each of them alone. His first daughter was called Pearl. She was very nice and she liked pearls and jewellery. But she was very stupid.

The king asked her some question. Princess Pearl answered very well, so the king was satisfied. The first daughter left him and the second princes came. She was called Goldie. King asked her a question too. She thought long, but she answered well. So he kissed her and she left the king. Finally, the third princes came, but she was different from her sisters Pearl and Goldie. She was a nice girl and she was clever, too. She didn't need money, gold, pearls, because she liked tha garden and flowers in it and this was treasure for her. She came to the king and smiled. 

Her name was Lily. The king asked her if she loved him. She said yes, so he asked her again what she loved as much as him. She said that she loved as much as him salt. The king laugted and ordered het to leave the castle. She packed some clothes and in tears went to the dark forest. It was night and she found a little old house in the forest. She came to the door and she tried to knock. Suddenly, an old woman opened the door and told Lily hello and she welcomed her in the house. Lily was happy.

Lily started to help the woman with work and the woman wanted to pay her, but she didn't take any money. The old woman knew that the girl was a sad princess, so she tried  to help her with her problems. One sunny day while the princess was cleaning the house the army of serwants with a magic prince came to the old house. The old woman saw Lily and waited for what the princess did. The princess saw the prince as he looked with his blue eyes at the princess with love. She didn't knoe what to do.

She started to run to the river and the prince astrted to run ,too. As soon as they stopped to run and she began to cry. The prince was very sad and he carresed her on the check. The princess told him all. The prince took her and said that he would keep her help with problems only if she  married him. She was in love, so she promised him.

The next day the prince and the princess left the old house and they went to the princes palace. it was very sad when the princess saw her country. Everybody in the country was poor and sick. They didn't have a salt and it was a problem. Lily decided to go to her father and forgave him. When she met her father, he thougt that she was a rich madam who wanted to buy his palace, so he told her that his palace wasn't for sale. But Lily kissed him and he knew that she was his dauhgter. He began beg for forgiveness and cried.

Lily told him that everything was ok and that she loved him and she brought a salt. He didn't believe it. Finnaly, the king was happy and he promised his daughter Lily a palace with everything in it. She didn't want it, but she said she had to take this present as a marriage present. She met her sisters and all came back to normal. The prince with a princess stayed in the palace, had many children and they lived happily ever after. 

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