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There are two groups of young people. The first group is formed by teenagers in the age of 15-20. These people aren’t children no more, but not yet adults. They attend school and they still live with their parents. It is quite simple to influence them. They are influenced by parents, friends and of course by society. They only want to find themselves, their lifestyle and their place in society. They want to form their personality and want to find their own style. They like to experiment with their image. They experiment with their clothes very often. There are lot of reasons for it, for example if they want to fit in with friends and imitate them. They are usually members of groups of young people, which have their own rules and their members have to keep them. They can be dressed in one style, for example punk or rock style (they can wear leather clothes or disrupted jeans; they can have tattoos or piercing). They want to be members of these groups, because they want to show their independence. The most frequently reason is that they have problems at home. They are arguing with parents. Their parents are too strict and they don’t understand to each other. For these people is very dangerous to be in these groups. They are quite simply to influence and they can get easy to drugs, alcohol or violence. That’s the reason why parents should talk with their children about everything. They should obtain (získať) their confidence (dôvera) and they should have understanding for them, if they want to protect them.

The other group is formed by people in the age of 20-30. These people are enough responsible and they have found their place in society. They live alone, they study or have a job, and they want to enjoy their life. They don’t have pledges and they feel free. They only want to have fun and life is a big challenge for them.

Young people have lot of opportunities. They are young and they can do everything what they want, because they don’t have pledges. Of course from some certain age (when they are of age). It is different in different countries. In Slovakia it is 18, in USA it is the age of 21. From this age they are responsible for themselves. They can work and study; they can travel, recognize foreign land and obtain new experiences. It’s a big advantage to be young. On the other hand there are also some disadvantages. In opinion of adults and elderly people are young people not enough responsible, they don’t have experiences. They think that young people can’t do things like they can. Elderly people think that they know everything better.

Relationships between adults, elderly people and young people can be different. Elderly people always think that young people are cheeky (drzý), ill-mannered (nevychovaný) and foolish (pochabý), they don’t know how should they behave. In opinion of young people elderly people always want to be right and are old. That is the reason why these relationships so tense (napäté).


1. Describe what the ideal childhood for you would be like.

For me was my childhood ideal. I was a happy child because my parents have been great. They have done everything what was good for me. They have always had patience (trpezlivosť) and understanding for me. We could talk about everything. They can always give me advice and always can help me. Of course sometimes we argued but I think it is normal in every family.

2. What do you know about your parents or grandparents childhood? How was it different to yours?

My parents childhood was similar to my. They have been living in the town too. The only difference is that they grew up few years earlier. So they hadn’t the same possibilities like I have now. There weren’t computers and the Internet. I think for me is everything easier. Young people today have access to all the modern inventions that make or lives easier. They are used to saving time; we can find everything what we want. My grandparent’s childhood was another. They have been living on the village. They grew up in nature. They could be out all the day. They could be in nature.

3. Give the pros and cons of being young today. Would you prefer to be teenager 10, 20 or 50 years ago?
I think there are lot of pros of being young today. Young people have lot of possibilities today. Everything is easier. Teenagers can use computers for everything, they can use it for school, and they can find a sea lot of information on the Internet. And it is very simple. It is enough to make one click. Young people have today also lot of study possibilities. They can study and work abroad; they can recognize foreign lands and different people with their culture and can get new experiences. And it is a big advantage. There are also some cons of being young. People expect from young people to be more responsible and have more experiences. They think they aren’t equivalent partners for them. I would not prefer to be young few years ago. I think that my life is easier like it was then. I have lot of opportunities; I have access to modern inventions like computers are. I don’t want to change my life.

4. Sometimes we do thing that hurt our parents. Talk about an experience you know of (in your own life or someone else’s) in which that happened.

Every one of us sometimes do thing that hurt our parents. It is because every teenager wants to be independent. We want to be free and do things on our own. Our parents always say to us what should we do. We are fed up with it. We want to make mistakes and get experiences. And sometimes we aren’t brave and we do things which hurt our parents. I know a situation of real life. A daughter of our family friend wanted to travel, learn new language. She wanted to be independent. He parents didn’t agree. So she left school and home and went to Spain. Now she lives and works there. Only sometimes she send a message, but she doesn’t come home. Her parents are sad.

5. What is beauty for you? Define beauty or beautiful.
Today there is a big pressure on women, especially on young girls. Everywhere around us there are mass media, which offer beauty to us. But it is their definition of beauty. Something what is not natural, tall and slim girls which looks like pegs. In my opinion everyone can be beautiful. Every one has something pretty in himself. These can be character traits or pretty face. I don’t matter if somebody is slim or fat. The most important thing is his behaviour and character.

6. What do you expect from your university studies?

I expect that after university I will find a good job. Something what will I like to do. I expect I will have more possibilities by searching for a job with university education.

Young people and their world
youth mladosť, mládež
adolescent dospievajúci
youngsters deti, mládenci
develop one’s talent rozvíjať talent
achieve a goal dosiahnuť cieľ
parental influence rodičovský vplyv
rely on parents spoľahnúť sa na rodičov
respect authorities rešpektovať autority
look up to obdivovať niekoho
have high/low self-esteem mať nízke/vysoké sebavedomie
attend youth centres/youth clubs navštevovať mládežnícke centrá/kluby
dedicate time to venovať čas ničomu
spend a great deal of time with stráviť čas s
leisure expenses výdavky na voľný čas
get pocket money dostávať vreckové
earn supplementary money zarobiť si dodatočné peniaze
spend money on minúť peniaze na
save for šetriť na
have a Saturday job/work at weekends pracovať cez víkend
baby-sitting opatrovanie detí
household chores domáce práce
do voluntary work mať brigádu
work for charity pracovať pre charitu
do well at school byť dobrý v škole
cope with problems podeliť sa o problémy
be optimistic/pessimistic about one’s future optimistický/pesimistická pohľad do budúcnosti

From book

abusive hanlivý, urážajúci
blame viniť
break-up rozpad
consciously uvedomelo
currently v súčasnej dobe
search engine vyhľadávač
irresponsible nezodpovedný
obedience poslušnosť
overwhelm zaplaviť, zavaliť
propagate šíriť, propagovať
spouse manžel ,manželka
suicide samovražda
treat sb zaobchádzať s niekým
aware of sth vedomý si niečoho
brainwash vymývať mozgy
can byť trstenicou
curious zvedavý
guardian poručník, ochranca
influential vplyvný
insulting urážajúci
neglect zanedbávať, nevenovať
poisoned otrávený
sin hriech
starve hladovať
threateningly hrozivo
vulnerable zraniteľný, bezbranný, citlivý
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