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Science and Technology + slovná zásoba

In thousands of years of human´s existence people have made rapid progress. From very simple tools to difficult machines. The development is very fast and we advance very fast too. Today is already the past and tomorrow is the future.

The world´s population grows and people need and want more. Science becomes more popular, because we need to advance and to invent new things. And there is only one reason- we want to make our life easier. Techology is today a part of our everyday life. We use it to improve our lives, to make our life easier and to save our time.

It has been a very long way from quite simple, but important inventions to more difficult one´s. In my opinion, the simple but very important invention is the wheel. After it´s invention people can start to transport. It saves their time by travelling, they can start to transport goods and it makes their lives easier.

But technology that isn´t only inventions or machines, there are also other important things. For example the development of science. Astronomy, philosophy, medicine or biology, physics these sciences have changed human´s thinking, they have helped people to recognize the world.

Other important thing in human history was the industrial revolution, that completly chnged the world. It brought inventions like the steam engine (Watt), the electric light bulb (Edison) or the first petrol -driven car (Benz). Thanks to these inventons, small businesses changed into large factories, hand- made goods were replaced by machine- made products. Mass production started, all sorts of goods became cheaper and more available to people.

Nowadays the developmnet still continues. Inventions like mobile phones, computer or Internet are changing the world. There are new possibilities of communication, more information is available. Computers are used in science. They help people to invent and improve things. For example in medicine by finding new vaccines and pills. And it´s very important for us, because we want to be fit and healthy and to live longer.


1. What is the most important thing man has ever invented? Explain.

In my opinion the most important invention is the electricity and the electric light bulb. I think that without these inventions we can´t advance so fast as we now do. The electric light bulb is important. because we can have light everytime we want. It don´t depends on the sun which is the source of light. We can turn on the light in the evening, it is not difficult, only to turn on and it is. The electricity is important too, because all things of our everyday life depend on electricity. Home appliances, computers everything needs electricity.

2. Which branch of science do you like to work in? Why?

If I should choose one branch of science, it will be the medicine. It is interesting science. And it can be interesting work too. This branch of science is about people. How to help them, heel them etc. If I could, I will heel all the illnesses in the world. And I want to find new vaccines and pills and make people happy.

3. What are the advantages/disadvantages of the Internet?

I think, there are lot of advantages. You can find everything on the Interet. You can get the sea lot of information. You can listen music, play games, learn new things. You can talk with people abroad. Everything is fast, you can send e-mail and in few minutes you can recieve the answer. You can do the shopping in one mouseclick. There are also disadvantages. People are more lazy, they don´t go out. They aren´t in personal touch with people. They can became addict on Internet. People can be also tired of too much information, everything is too fast.

4. There have already been several „space tourists“. Would you like to try it?

Well it can be the new way of getting information and learning. And it is very interesting to hear about it. But there is one big disadvantage, it is too expensive. And you have to be healthy to can fly in rocket. I don´t know, if I am enough bold to do something like that.

5. Medical research is very expensive. Is it worth investing so much money?

I think it is. This branch of science is very important in our life. Because everyone of us want to be fit and healthy. And we want to live longer and longer. And it is important to spend money on it. Medical research can bring new technologies and vaccines, we can invent pills and heal illnesses and make people´s lives easier and make them happy. The world´s biggest problems are illnesses and we want to fight with them. And have wonderful life without worries with illnesses.

Science and Technology

science veda
scientific vedecký
technology technológia
technological technologický
field pole, oblasť
branch odvetvie, vetva
experiment pokus
laboratory laboratórium
formula vzorec
physics fyzika
engineering strojárstvo
chemistry chémia
biology biológia
genetics genetika
ecology ekológia
botany botanika
zoology zoológia
geography geografia
tool/instrument nástroj
appliance spotrebič
gadget malé mechanické zariadenie
gear prístroj
equipment vybavenie
engine/machine stroj, motor
machinery stroje, mašinéria
high- fidelity sound (hi-fi) vysoko kvalitný zvuk
tape recorder prehrávač
FM- frequency modulation
headphones slúchadlá
microwave oven mikrovlnka
washing machine práčka
dish washer umývačka riadu
vacuum cleaner vysávač
switch on/off vypnúť/zapnúť
push a button stlačiť gombík
rotate otočiť
insert vložiť
dial vytočiť
plug zastrčiť
cordless bezšnúrový
socket zásuvka
researcher výskumník
scientist vedec
engineer inžinier
computer programmer programátor
invent/discover/research objaviť
screen obrazovka
mouse mat tlačidlo myši

From book

browse prehliadať
cell bunka
confidental tajné
enable umožniť
misuse zneužiť
precious vzácny
stroke mozgová príhoda
tiny jemný

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