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Today we live in world, where are information very important. We are inundated with information, because the advance is too fast. Today is already the past and tomorrow is the future. The development advance so fast and we need to know about it. And so we need some mediums, which are fast enough, to grant us new knowledge, new information. We need to be informed, we need to know everything about the world. We call these sources mass media. They can grant us everything what we need. Their importance is great, they are our source of information, source of fun and entertainment, they are easily available and complex. They are everywhere around us.
There is a wide choice of mediums available. We can choose this one, which is the best for us. For people, who like to read, are newspapers the best source of information. They are published from Monday to Saturday; some of them are published on Sunday too. There is only one disadvantage, if you want to get the latest information; you have to buy newspapers early in the morning. You can find different sorts of articles in newspapers (on economics, politics, sport…). There are two types of newspapers, serious papers (they bring objective and serious news, they are bigger in size) and the tabloids (smaller in size, they are specializing in articles about stories and gossip (klebeta) about famous people. The tabloids are usually more popular like the serious papers. They are more entertaining for people.
Another form of written information is magazines. They are published once a week/month. They bring various articles and stories. They can be aimed at different groups of people of different ages, with special hobbies (magazines for women, teenagers, gardening magazines). Journals are serious magazines on a particular subject containing articles written by experts in that field (scientist, doctors...).
Another source of information is radio. People can hear everything. From the latest news, which are read by a presenter, to variety of programs (weather forecasts, chat shows, quiz shows, breakfast/morning shows, phone-in programs) with lot of music. People like listening to the radio, because they can do everything by it. They can cook, work in the garden or relax.
The most popular source of information is television. Many people spend most of their leisure time watching TV. They can watch documentaries, educational programmes, quiz shows. There are also many soap operas (series about group of people and their lives), sitcoms (amusing series), lot of films, cartoons. There is also wide selection of channels available. They can be aimed on different things, for example cooking channels, or channels with advices for gardeners etc. Everyone can find something for himself.
are very important parts of our lives. They influence and enrich our lives. We can’t live without them, because we need information, entertainment. We need something to fill our lives.

1. Which newspaper or magazine do you prefer the most?
I prefer serious papers. When I read a newspaper I want to get serious information. I don’t like to read about stories and gossips about famous people. It doesn’t interesting me. I want to be serious informed.
2. Many people claim there are too many advertisements in the media. Do you agree or disagree?
I agree. The advertisements are everywhere. They are in TV, in magazines, in radio too. I don’t like advertisements. They are boring for me. I hate when I watch a TV program and there are every twenty minutes some advertisements. They take a lot of time. We live in a world where advertisements can influence the people. People buy everything, what they have seen in advertisements. I hate it.
3. Which Slovak newspapers and magazines are popular?
I think in Slovakia are tabloids more popular. They are more entertaining for people. People want to read stories and gossips about famous people and their lives. In Slovakia it is for example Nový Čas. It is paper, which is specializing on gossips. There are sometimes only few of serious information. I don’t understand. I prefer serious papers, because I want to get serious information. In Slovakia are Sme or Pravda the serious papers. They bring the latest news and serious information from Monday to Saturday.
4. Working for a student magazine might help people who want to work in mass media. Would you like to be a student magazine reporter?
I agree. It is a great experience for people who want to work for mass media in the future. But for me it is not very interesting. I always have no time and if somebody wants to work for school magazine, he should have enough time for it. It can be interesting job full of new experiences, but for me it is not very interesting. In the future I want to study law. I don’t want to work in mass media. 
5. How can reading magazines, listening to the radio or watching TV enrich a person’s life?
Magazines, radio and TV programs are full of information. They bring us new information about the world, about new technologies or developments. So people can get the latest news. They can be in the know. In radio and in TV there are educational programs and documentaries very often. People can learn something new. There are also some cultural programs and culture can enrich people’s lives. So reading, listening and watching can enrich our lives. We can get information, new experiences; we can be in the know.
6. Radio or TV presenters are very popular. Do they deserve their popularity?
I think if it’s a serious person, who makes his work serious, I agree. But if it is a person, who always makes scandals, who is always on the headlines of tabloids, I disagree. Because he doesn’t make his job serious. He only wants to be popular and famous.
7. What kinds of radio programs do you prefer?
I prefer programs with lot of music. Programs with funny presenters, because I want to have fun too and I want to be in good mood. Listening of good music can help me, when I am in trouble.
8. How can parents control what their children are watching?
They should tell to their children, what they can watch. Every TV program is marked and this mark means the age of children, for who is this program suitable to. So parents can control what their children are watching.
9. What kinds of TV programs are most popular with young people?
I think that young people prefer programs, which are about young people. They like sitcoms or films about group of young people, because they are funny, because they are about the same problems like they have. Young people want to have fun, so they prefer funny programs and shows. They want to relax by watching TV.
10. Watching TV is a typical leisure activity for many people. Does it apply to you? How much time do you spend watching TV?
I think that it is true. Many people spend their leisure time by watching TV. I watch TV only if I have nothing to do. Sometimes I spend tree hours by watching TV and sometimes only one hour or only few minutes. It is different. It depends on how much free time I have.
11. What magazines for teenagers do we have in Slovakia?
In Slovakia there is lot of magazines for teenagers. There is a wide choice; everyone can find something for himself. There are magazines, which are aimed for girls. They are full of advices for girls; there are lot of stories and pictures of handsome and popular boys. This is exactly what girls want. In Slovakia there is lot of magazines for boys too. Boys usually want to read about sport and their favourite sportsmen.
12. Which magazine is your favourite?
I have any favourite magazine. I read magazines only sometimes. I like magazines, which are full of interesting and funny stories and useful advices. I always want to have fun so I prefer magazines, which are funny and interesting.
Mass Media
the press tlač
radio rádio
television  televízia
newspapers noviny
magazines časopisy
local paper  miestne noviny
Sunday paper nedeľné noviny
broadsheet/serious  seriózne noviny (veľký formát)
tabloid/popular/gutter  bulvárne noviny (malý formát)
press story/article článok
headline  titulok
letters page
editorial/leading article  úvodník
interview  rozhovor
review  recenzia
a letter to the editor list redaktorovi
classified ads 
cartoon karikatúra
column stĺpec
reporter reportér
journalist  žurnalista
fashion/sport/political editor  módny/športový/politický redaktor
investigative journalist investigatívny novinár
reader čitateľ
readership čitateľnosť (počet ľudí)
circulation  náklad
subscribe  predplatiť si
newsagent/news-stand novinový stánok
paper boy/girl
paper –round
press conference tlačová konferencia
press release
freedom of the press  sloboda tlače
censorship  cenzúra
biased towards/in favour of
telly  televízia
the box krabica
the tube  tuba
be on TV  dávať v TV
broadcast  vysielať
channel/station kanál/stanica
cable/satelit/close circuit television  káblová/satelitná/uzavretý okruh Tv
remote control  diaľkový ovládač
breakfast show raňajšia šou
cartoon komiks
soap opera
the news správy
weather forecast predpoveď počasia
wildlife programmes  z divokej prírody
documentary  dokument
current affair  aktualita
serial/series seriál
episode epizóda
presenter/host moderátor
newsreader moderátor správ
commentator  komentátor
viewer  divák
listener  poslucháč
listen to  počúvať
audience obecenstvo
short/medium/long wave  krátke/stredné/dlhé vlny
tune in to  naladiť
announcer hlásateľ
advertising/commercials reklamy
Broadcasting vysielanie
transmission  prenos
coverage spravodajstvo
commercial advertising reklama
prime time  vysielací čas
news headlines novinové titulky
live broadcast/coverage  živé vysielanie/spravodajstvo
press review  prehľad tlače
regional broadcasting  regionálne vysielanie
TV/radio broadcast televízne/rádio vysielanie
TV rating  TV hodnotenie
viewer divák
radio listener poslucháč
screen obrazovka
transmitter vysielač/mikrofón
candid camera  skrytá kamera
radio/TV presenter  uvádzač
anchor  televízny moderátor
chat/reality show presenter uvádzač reality/talk show
survey prieskum, prehľad
cable TV káblová televízia
channels televízne kanály
programmes  programy
tune in a station  prepnúť stanicu
remote control  diaľkový ovládač
announcer hlásateľ
studio  štúdio
news room  čitáreň
pirate broadcasting  pirátske vysielanie
frequency frekvencia
nationwide TV/radio celoštátna TV/rádio
make an announcement  oznámiť
breaking news aktuálne spravodajstvo
sequel pokračovanie
full-lenght feature film celovečerný film
jingle zvučka
interrupt  prerušiť
documentary report  dokumentárne vysielanie/správa
flip/switch channels  prepínať kanály
candid shot momentka
addict  závislý
influenced  ovplyvnený
source zdroj
backround  pozadie
provided poskytovaný
current affairs čerstvé správy
network  sieť
contribution  príspevok
increasting  rastúci
instant stály
available dostupný

From book
accuse obviniť
bulletin spravodajský denník
classless  beztriedny
devote venovať čas
exclusive  výnimočný
generous štedrý
issue problém, otázka
posh  povýšený
volunteer  robiť dobrovoľne
bother mrhať časom
circulation náklad 
comprehensible  zrozumiteľný
earnings  zárobok
freelance slobodné povolanie
give sb a sack prepustiť niekoho
pace  tempo reči
skull  lebka
tabloid  bulvárne noviny
weighty závažný, dôležitý
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