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Sport is a physical activity and people do it because they want to be fit and healthly. Sport is one of the most popular leisure time activity. Sport is refreshing and can help take off some weight. Some people – proffesional sportsman earn a lot of money by sport.
3 verbs, which describe sports:
GO swimming, fishing
DO aerobics, athletics
PLAY football, basketball, handball, snooker
Sport is divided into indoor and outdoor sport.
Gymnastics is a typical indoor sport. Also darts, where you throw an arrow into the target with number.Snooker, where you try to hit different colour balls. Bowling, where you roll a ball into wooden objects, and chess(šach), weight lifting(vzpieranie), table tennis, boxing.
Typical outdoor sport is athletics. Then football, golf, horse riding, skiing, icehockey, biathlon,hiking, rock climbing..
There are many sports we can do both in summer and winter.
Sailing, yachting, diving, wind-surfing depends on weather, therefore can be practised mostly in summer.
Swimming is also a typical summer sport but it is possible to practise it all the year round in indoors pools.
Games are those sports in which at least two players are involved. The most popular games are football, handball.
Sports facilities: sporting halls, fitness centres, tennis courts, ice rink for skating, stadiums(summer and winter), gymnazium.
All of them we have in Trnava.
Sporting events:
The biggest sporting event are Olympic games. It is a international competition, which takes place every 4 years. We have winter and summer Olympic games.
-European championship
-World championship
Extreme sports:
People, who do this sports are called daredevils.
Bungeejumping, mountain biking, extreme skiing, sky diving, rafting
Extra ordinary sports(nezvyčajné):
Caving(jaskyniarstvo) and angling(rybárstvo)
Angling is the safest sport.
Boxing and yochting is the most dangerous sport.
We can divided sport into team and individual sport. Team sports are football, basketball. Individual sports are athletics, figure skating.
There are proffesionals and amateurs. If the proffesionals sportsman is good, he can earn a lot of money.
Fair play in the sport is control by referee in football and umpire in tennis, cricket.
The most popular sports are hockey, football in our country and our country also has many good sportsmen.
Gonzci – shooting
Moravcová – swimming
Martikán – kanoeing
Hrbatý – tennis
My attitude to sports.
I like sports at all. I like cycling, swimming in summer, voleyball, running, table tennis and others sports. I do not like basketball, fishing.
When I was small, I learned gymnastics, but I had to finish, because my joints hearted. Then I danced two years. I liked it very much but I did not have partner, so I had to finish. Now I do aerobics sometimes, I cycling in summer regularly and I play voleyball with my schoolmates at school.
In the summer, when we are at the cottage, we do whatever sports. We horse riding, play voleyball, badminton, we like playing games, such as Dostihy a sázky.
I do not like watching sports on Tv.
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