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Slovakia has a moderate continental climate. A year is divided into 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn/fall, winter. Each season lasts about 3 months and is attractive in some way.
Spring begins on the 21th March – nature begins to awake from its longer winter sleep and new life begins. Nights get shorter and day get longer. There is more sunshine and it becomes warmer and warmer. First flowers start to appear – white snowdrops, tulips, daffodils and purple violets. The weather is very changeable especially in april.
June 21 is the date when summer begins. Students love summer because they have 2 months holidays. The temperature rises to 30 °C and more, the sun shines and the sky is clear. Rain often comes in the form of a storm and after storm a rainbow can sometimes appear in the sky. Summer is also the time for strawberries, raspberries and the harvest of corn.
At the beginning of September when the school year begins, summer is over and on the 23 September autumn comes. The nice weather breaks although we can still enjoy a few fine days of Indian summer. The leaves on the trees become yellow, red, orange and brown and make a lovely contrast with evergreen conifers. Later the weather is wet and rainy with strong
Winter comes on December 21, but in fact it often begins earlier. Typical winter weather brings snowfalls, icy wind and hard frosts. We can enjoy skiing, sledging, building snowmen, throwing snowballs or skating. As the climate gets warmer, we miss a real winter more and more. Nature is unpredictable and you can never rely upon the weather, which makes it a frequent topic of a conversation.
Climates vary from place to place and different countries have different climates. We can identify the following main types of climate: tropical, dry, warm temperate, cold temperate, cold.
Flowers and plants are adapted to the climate they live in. E. g. trees in rainforests have broad leaves, shaped to encourage the heavy rain to run off the leaves. In very dry climates plants develop the ability to store water sucha s the cactus.
Many animals are also adapted to the weather e. g. animals who live in the coldest part of the world sucha s seals and polar bears have a lot of fat under their skin to protect from cold. Some animals hibernate during the winter and some migrate to breeding areas. Animals who live in the hot places can store water in their bodies e. g. camels.
Weather forecasts:
1. It will be dry, clear and warm for much of the night, but towards morning it will turn more cloudy with perhaps a few showers or storms occuring mostly in the east. But during the day it will clear up and it will be sunny and hot. Wind light south-westerly. Temperature 10° C at night, 25 °C by day.
2. It will be sunny at times. However there will be some showers most of these occurring in the morning. The showers will become occasional and light during the afternoon. Wind moderate westerly. Temperature 7 °C.
3. General outlook. Many places will be clear and frosty, allowing ice patches to develop on the roads. At daybreak there will be some scattered showers about, especially in the morning. In between the showers there will be some sunshine. It will be quite a cold day, this allowing snow to develop in the north particularly on the hills and higher ground.

There is sunshine in Spain.
It will be sunny in Spain.
The sun will shine in Spain.
It will rain in Spain.
In the morning it was...
Later in the day it got...
Now it´s getting...
In the evening (night)...
I think it will be....
It may....
I tis going to....
North, West,  East, South
Sunny, Cloudy, Overcast, Thunder, Rainny, Snowy, Windy, Frostly,
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