The world in 21. century

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How will the world look like?
The 21. century is the century of modern technologies, we have computers, internet, microchips.
People should learn to use these technologies, because if they do not understand them, they can easily lose their job or it might be difficult for them to find a good job.
Sooner or later everyone will have computers and maybe the internet will be free  and available for everyone. Maybe people will learn to control the weather and diseases will not exist, becasue people will learn to grow new hearts, lungs or livers like spare parts for the car.
People will live longer (100-120). Poeple will still be the same with all their inteligence and stupidity and there will still be cruel people and people who want to fight wars against other races and religions and people who think that money is everythink.

Will english language be the most important?
English will be the world language and everybody will need to speak English for their jobs.
In education teachers will be replaced by teaching machines, which will provide more knowledge that any other human being. Maybe learning will take place at home via video. However children will still go to school until people create another place where students can make friends and develop social feels.

My personal life in the future.
After finishing the secondary school I would like to study at the university in Trnava. I hope I will be the one of the students of this school. Try to imagine that I have already finished the school. The first thing I will do that I will find some good job. Gradually I would like to establish my own company. I know it will be not easy to realize it. When I acquire fortune I would like to travel around the world. But not alone, with my friends. We will have a big car and we will travel through the Europe. When I will be full of the country in Europe I would like to go to Australia, America, etc. I would like to see the most interesting places in the world. But sometimes it has to finish. After this I would like to have a family. I would like to have tollerant and solicitous husband and two children. My house will be situated in surrounding of big city, where is not noise and dense traffic. And also I would like to have a cottage in High Tatras. It will be place where I would like to spend the biggest part of my free time. This time I would spend with my family or my friends.

I hope I will be a good mother and also good friend for my children and my children will be as good as I am. To be a mother is not very far from to be a grandmother. I can imagine me as a grandmother. I am sitting on the chair reading some fairy-tales to my grandchildren.
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