Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Joanne Rowling

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is the third part of her Harry Potter series. Harry is older, wiser and he is about to start the third grade of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He still lives with his aunt and uncle who hate him very much because his own parents died in a car accident (readers of the previous books know that they were killed by Lord Voldemort) and they have to take care of him as closest living relatives. His home is very unfriendly and displeasing and he’s very looking forward to the beginning of the next grade when he can leave his family for almost a whole year. Other kids like the holidays, prefer it more than school but they have a nice family to return to. Harry is alone, all that he has is Ron, Hermione and the school. Harry is preparing for the next year of study when aunt Marge (sister of uncle Vernon) comes to visit her brother. She is calling him names and make jokes of his parents. Harry become very angry and use magic against her changing her into a pig. He has to run away from his home with nowhere to go. He is saved by a Rescue Bus, lifeguard for wizards but invisible for normal people and finally he manages to get into the school right on time (1st of September). This year in Hogwarts is very dark and violent. Harry and his friends hear reports of a man called Sirius Black.

A wizard who turned bad, killed some people, got caught and escaped from the world’s most guarded prison The Azkaban. He is looking for Harry for some wicked reason. Our heroes get a new teacher this year - prof. Lupin (he’s teaching them Protection against Black magic) who is a very mysterious man with many question marks around him. As the story continues it will become clear that the new reincarnation of Lord Voldemort is alive and tries to kill Harry and conquer the world. Sirius Black is in fact Harry’s real uncle who doesn’t want to kill him but he’s protecting him from Lord Voldemort. Harry will find out that Prof. Lupin is a werewolf and a close friend of his father. The story is very shady, full of nightmares, mysterious murders and evil atmosphere. There is also a lot of very sad moments, like that one when Hagrid’s favorite griffin is executed. It’s also very complicated because Hermione gains ability to return back in time so they met themselves in the past and they change things that happened in the past. Of course it has a very nice happy-end. Harry defeats a new avatar of Lord Voldemort, gets some new friends, finds out more info about his parents background and saves the world again.

I like this book very much. It’s very interesting, funny and scary. This book has so many strange creatures and people, secrets, plots, characters. I'm glad Rowling is planning to write seven Harry Potter books.
Joanne Rowling was born in 1965 in Sodbury. From the age of 9, her family lived in cottage in the village of Tutshill. She started to write stories from an early age. One of her first stories was about a rabbit. Joanne describes her early character as very similar to Hermione in the Harry Potter books. Joanne made Hermione on herself. After primary school, Joanne went to the local secondary school. There she met one of her future friends Sean Harris. Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter books is like him. Idea to create Harry Potter came to her very strange way. She was traveling from Manchester to London. During that journey she made a story about a small wizard fighting for the world’s peace. She had no pen with her so she remembered as much as she can and write it later. She had a lot of problem to sell his first book but it became a bestseller.
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