Charakteristika osoby anglicky (Describing people in English)

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Charakteristika osoby anglicky (Describing people in English)

My mother

My mother is the most important person in my life – with my father also, of course. I know her all my life. It is mother who we have some troubles and is ready to answer every question which comes to mind. My mum is my friend.
She is called Dagmar. She is thirty-eight and she lives with me, sister, brother and my dad in a family house. My mum is clerk. She doesn’t play sport, bat she has got other hobbies.

She likes working in the garden. She likes flowers but our dog destroys them! She grows vegetables and fruits too. For example, her tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberry and apples are very delicious! My mum likes cooking too. She likes watching TV, especially soap operas but she doesn’t like advertising! She doesn’t like cleaning too.

My mum isn’t very tall. She wears sports and fashionable clothes. She has got short, dark, straight hair and blue eyes. She always wears glasses. My mum doesn’t wear lots of make-up; she wears only mascara and eye shadow.
She is truly interested in the problems of her friends or family and listens to him/her patiently every time he/she needs it. I can trust her with my secrets; she can keep them as if they are her own. She is friendly, patient and likable.

My friend

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for your email.

I´m writing you to tell you something about Thomas. He´s 26, and he works in a big hospital. Thomas is a plastic surgeon.

He´s extrovert and very friendly. He has got two young brothers and one older sister. He´s hard working and intelligent. He passed his university as one of ten best students.

He likes music. He plays guitar and piano. He could teaches your younger sister. He loves Beethoven and Mozart. He also likes sports, for example baseball, tennis and basketball. When he studied, he was working as a nanny.

The only negative things is that he is smoker. He smokes about 40 cigarettes a day. But he´s very considerate so I´m sure you can do some agreement with him.

I hope that´s useful. Please let me know your decision.
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