The most beautiful thing (a film review)

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The most beautiful thing (a film review)
The film is set in the 2012s "The most beautiful thing" was a winner at the LASCHA 2012 Moon Dance. It won Best Film Award and Best Actor Award.In January 2014, Google licensed part this short film for their Oscars commercial " We are All Storytellers". Its director is called Cameron Covell and he directed it when he was 16,17 years old.

It has been filmed starring Analisa Gutierrez and Nick Lopez. Its main character is a young student.
The plot involves a teenager who thinks that a girl he likes a school is ignoring his attempts to talk to her,only to find out later that she is deaf.

After that they begin communicating by writing in their own special notepad whenever they see each other. The climax comes when the main character encourages his girlfriend to talk for the first time in public. The film is a fascinating love- story.One of the film´s great strenghts are the emotions that govern the main characters.There are hardly any dialogues in the film and understand by people who can not speak English. It makes the film more engrossing.However,the film´s weakness is simplicity.

It may deter watcher that it looks like a long love movies. The film is certainly worth watching.It can be recommended those who want to have good fun and also weep.I would definitely recommend everyone to spare 10 minutes and watch this film.
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