Maturita 2015 ANJ B2 - výsledky a odpovede ABCD otázok

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Typ práce: Maturita
Dátum: 28.05.2020
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Maturita 2015: Výsledky a odpovede z Maturita 2015 - 18. marec 2015
Maturita 2015 ANGLICKÝ JAZYK B2 - TEST 8427
Neoficiálne výsledky.

Neoficiálny kľúč správnych odpovedí k maturitnému testu 8724 z AJ, úroveň B2 NOVÉ!

Maturitný test tu:

1 C
2 A
3 D
4 A
5 D
6 B
7 A
8 A
9 B
10 A
11 C
12 A
13 B
14 X
15 5
16 3
17 1
18 4
19 6
20 2

21 B
22 B
23 A
24 B
25 D
26 A
27 D
28 B
29 D
30 C
31 B
32 A
33 A
34 C
35 A
36 B
37 D
38 C
39 A
40 D

61 E
62 J
63 B
64 D
65 G
66 A
67 H
68 B+e
69 A+c
70 B+b
71 B+c
72 A+a
73 A+d

Zdroj: Andrea M.

 Neoficiálne ABCD k testu 8427 listening: D, B, C, B, A, C, D, A, B, A, C, A, B, 5, 3, 1, 4, 6, 2, X

test cislo 8427
bez odposluchu a doplnovaciek, neiste odpovede su oznacene:
po prekonzultovani s profesorkou

21) A in AN ATTEMP to solve
22) A crucial ELEMENT in the understanding
23) ?B is generally ACCEPTED that the...
24) A one of the many huge PUZZLES remains how
25) ?C the stones WERE BEING transported
26) B could have been SWEPT east by glaciers
27) C new research ABOUT TO BE published
28) A the archeologists may HAVE BEEN CHIPPING away at the wrong rocks
29) C the work in Preseli has FOCUSED ON a spot
30) D now researchers ARE CLAIMING that in fact ...
31) C USING geochemical techniques
32) B and have COCLUDED the bluestones in fact came..
33) B pointed out that they WERE NOT GOING TO be terribly popular
34) D archeologists who HAVE BEEN EXCAVATING at the wrong place over all those years
35) B nobody WOULD waste their time
36) C findings WILL influence
37) A who has carried out EXTENSIVE research
38) D i don´t think this MATTERS much
39) B THAT´S where the Stonhenge´s quarry is
40) A some MAY have come from...

61) F i was interested in LSD College
62) I i also spoke to students who gave their own opinions on the courses
63) A this was because i had enjoyed them at secondary school
64) C moreover, i found it difficult to make friends in that class
65) H i am glad now that i did because it´s now a favourite subject
66) B of course, you should know what you want to do later on
67) ? (ale viac-menej som si istý)D my friends had helped me when i was down and out

68) A, c (schools provide students with dental services)
69) B, e (special teacher works only with one particular school)
70) B, c (state does not allocate money directly to schools)
71) A, a (it is true that there are only small defferences between the worst and the best students)
72) A, e (projects involve more than one subject)
73) B, b (teachers are given freedom to design their curriculum)


Jo interviewed Craig as part of her job
Jo is responsible for ADVERTISING products
They had to cope with problems related to ?the temperature for storage?
Proffesional matters between them are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN AT HOME
Diet does not recommend ?raw meat? in any amounts

she inter-relates her feelings
she does not work with financial institutions at the first place
their clients need to focus on their skills
we do not know if she goes jogging
she divides her activities into four groups
she never works on her pc at night

Zdroj: Daniel K.

k testu 8724
61 E
62 J
63 B
64 D
65 G
66 A
67 H

Zdroj: siestak

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Maturitné testy a témy 2015 - Výsledky a odpovede 2015

Oboduj prácu: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


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