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Shopping, Home & Household Utensils

All possible goods can be sold in various types of shops: food products are usually bought in a self-service or a supermarket. The supermarket is bigger and you can buy also goods from the chemist and ironmonger here. A hypermarket is very large and sells all possible kinds of food and kitchen and house needs. Street markets sell various things at stalls (stánky) in the streets and squares. 

Typical features of modern big cities are big department stores. They are usually huge buildings equipped (vybavený) with speedy lifts and escalators, where you can buy almost everything from food o furniture. Here are, for example, some departments in a big store: Artist materials, Carshop, Boy swear, Girlswear, Beds and bedding, Electronics, Carpets, China and glass, Furniture, fashion Accessories; Gifts, I-Household, Lingerie, Sportswear, Toys, Stationary, TV and Radio, tobacco, Bookshop, Knitwear (pletené oblečení), Leather Goods, Laundry, Shoes, Watches and Clocks. Big stores usually operate on the „serve-yourself” system — you go in, pick up a basket or a trolley, walk around the shop and chose what you want. At the exit there is a cash-desk or a cashier where you pay for all your goods together either cash or with your credit card.
I like shopping because I can buy something that makes me happy and which I feel good in. Mostly I buy clothes, because I like to wear nice things and things I feel comfortable with. Sometimes, when I have bad mood, it is hard to be with me during the shopping, because I am very nervous and upset about that. Some people say that they would never go with me to the shop. Besides all these things I like going through then shops and finding the things, which impress me.
The first part of a question is shopping. It's an activity that is necessary in our live. There are many types of shops depends on items we are going to buy. Often we go by car to huge department stores to buy all essential things. The most of them are built on the outskirts of a city. After we park the car we take a trolley and pass the entrance hall. Typical department store consist of one big shop for food, clothes, electronics and household utensils and then from small specific shops where we should go without a trolley. Here I have a list of them with items to buy. Bakery - bread, rolls, cookies; butcher - meat, sausages; florist's - flowers and plants; garden shop - grass seed, fertilizer, garden supplies; greengrocers - vegetable and fruit; hardware store - tools. After we put all items in a trolley we go to checkpoint and then pay for a bill by a credit card or in cash. From the important shops that are in the centre of a town I would like to mention e.g. bookshop, market hall, pawn shop, hairdresser, chemist's shop and candy store. Second part of a question is home and household utensils. I live in a four-room flat at housing estate Michal. We have bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living-room and two other rooms - one for me and one for my brother. Our furniture is typical, in the small entrance hall we have big wardrobe and mirror, in the living-room a wall of wardrobes and cases, TV set, big sofa, round table and carpet. Only my room is quite different. I have only three pieces of furniture bed and then big hi-fi connected to computer. Three flowers, big stands full of CD's, small bookcase and then tube combo with electric guitar.
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