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Job - anglický jazyk

When people In America are asked, “Who are you?“ they will often answer the question by the name of their vocation (povolání) or job. “Who am I?“ I am a doctor, a teacher, a miner or a carpenter. For many men and women their sense of identity is very closely associated with their work. Many gauge (měří) or measure their value and measure their success by pointing to their achievements (úspěchy) in their work. The kinds of work people do today are very different from that done by people in the previous generation. Modem technology has created a whole new class of jobs. The changing world which we will probably force people to have several jobs in their lifetime in. The youth of today is fortunate in that they have many options from which to choose. The opportunities are almost endless. The challenge of today‘s educational institutions is to prepare the youth today for a future filled with change and a whole new raft of challenges.

Journalists or Psychologists

Last few months were very difficult for me. I had to choose which way I would like to go to the future. I wasn’t able to decide on my own, so, I asked for help Mrs. Svobodová.  We talked each other for many times, but it helped me to sort my feelings out. I chose two possible jobs, which could impress me.

I think to be a journalist is not pretty easy. You have to know a lot of different sorts of the things. A person, who is interested in journalism, has to be communicative, social, sociable, smart and he has to be able to investigate some different cases. But it is not enough. There are some bad things about that kind of a job. The journalists should be intrusive, maybe insolent, eloquent, self-confident and distinctive. But I think it is not as bad as some people say. It matters on a lot of the specific things, for example: which kind of journalism it is and which topics would you like to write about. To be honest, I would like to do this job, not because of fame, but because it is interesting and there are always secret things which has to be investigated and found out.

To be a psychologist is worse and harder, because you are responsible for your patients. Every thing you tell them or you do can change their life or behaviour. I have always been fascinated by a human’s mind. People are so amazing and wonderful. Every person is so different and various. I also like listening to the people and their problems or troubles and I was trying to help them. Maybe it sounds a little bit strange, but that is how I would like to spend a rest of my life, but there is a little tiny insignificant detail, it is too late. I realized that too late. But I would like to visit some courses to get to know some things about this job. What is wrong about this job? For example patient, who you couldn’t help, could commit a suicide.


In US and GB, young people often have a part-time job but don‘t start working fulltime until at least 16. Usual retirement is at 65. Both counties believe in the Protestant work ethic, the idea that working hard is good for a person. About 131 million Americans have jobs and about 5% of these have two jobs. About 27 million British people are employed, over half as white-collar workers (úřednický). In the US and GB, almost half the workforce is women. Most people find jobs through advertisements in newspapers.

People who work in offices have a 5-day week. Some work flextime. Most Americans work a 40-hour week, white British work only a 35-hour week. Office workers are usually paid a salary, while blue-collar workers are paid by the hour. The US has a minimum wage.
such as pension plans. health insurance, profit-sharing and education plans add to the value of a job.

I would like to start with types of job branches. First group is unskilled jobs that require minimum achieved education level. Some of them like refuse collector or hard manual work do not require even basic education. For some others like being shop assistant or cleaner some kind of responsibility is necessary. Those jobs are very badly paid. Second branch is type of jobs where worker has some kind of apprenticeship e.g. electrician, tailor, auto mechanic, hairdresser or waiter. This branch is better paid and worker could have some extra money from tips. Last branch is professional jobs. In general view they are well paid and often situated in nice environment. They may bring a pleasure to people that chose them on their own accords but requires higher education. Some of them are e.g. lawyer, doctor, architect or mathematician. Special branch of jobs are well paid sports like ice hockey, football or athletics. The best sportsmen and sportswomen earn more money than higher educated people. Now I would like to describe one job. I chose the job of a person that is well known in the environment of school - the job of school caretaker. In our school this authority is represented by the fanatic of clean shoes Mr. Zoubek and his companions. He is also a commander or cleaning ladies. He repairs equipment with his tools if he is able or manage calls for service if he is unable, he is an observer who supervise if students have clean toilets, shoes and if students are polite in auditorium. He also takes care about the nearest surroundings of our school like removing the snow from the pavement in winter or mows the grass in summer. Now I would like to speak about my future job. My opinions of an ideal job were changing as I was growing up. At first I wanted to be an astronaut to discover the depths of Universe and find extraterrestrial life. Then I wanted to be a lawyer and now I want to be mathematician of physician. If I succeed in this graduation the possibility of going at the University will be opened to me.
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