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 Numerous factors have made people in today‘s world much more conscious of the need to take better care of their environment. Words like “ecology,“ “pollution,“ “acid rain“ and “global warming“ have become common in everyday conversations. There are more and larger industries depositing pollution into the environment. The explosion in our world‘s population has meant that more resources are needed simply to provide food and nourishment for everyone. Our trees are being harvested for the construction of homes and other buildings, and our valuable forest lands are being stripped of valuable vegetation. There are more cars expelling poisonous carbon monoxide into the air and larger amounts of human waste and garbage are creating huge mountains of ugly refuse all around the world.
Ecology is a concern of people who want to insure that future generations will have a world that is clean, attractive, and healthy. But pollution is everyone‘s concern and problem. We must all learn to do what we can. We can all learn to reduce, re-use and recycle more of the world goods. We can all do something to make our world a better place in which to live - now and in the future.


Ecology and the environment have never been the things, which I would like to care for and which I would like to be interested in, but now, when I am older, I know they are important for a living in this beautiful world. People can live on this planet, because there are some basic components and these are air, sun, water and soil. But the trouble is that we are polluting these very important and necessary things and it is not just polluting that we do. There are also deforestation, toxic waste, nuclear weapons and results of their using, extinction of many species and there are fewer and fewer natural resources. These are just an illustration of what we do with this world.
The result is that we are in danger of global ecology disaster. Destroying of nature and environment is everyday problem and the truth is there is no possibility to change it. Is there any hope of changing the whole world and mind of people? I don’t think so. We are going to destroy this planet and nobody can stop us. What will the future generations do is only on them, but will they have a chance to make the world better? Is this pessimism or just reality? People are separated into 3 groups. In 1st group people are not interested in world’s future and in the environment. In another one they are just interested in money and that is why they do the things they do. In the last one they care about nature and world. (Greenpeace)

Air pollution

There are many factories without modern equipment and a lot of cars and their exhaust fumes. Also the main streets and motorways are going through the cities and the traffic is very busy, so, people must breathe all these injurants. A result is known as the greenhouse effect

The greenhouse effect

It is caused by the accumulation of certain gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. The result of the accumulation of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane and others in the upper atmosphere is that they influence the ozone layer and they stop the sun’s rays, which are reflected from the Earth’s surface and this causes global warming. If nothing is done, within a few decades the world will be completely changed. The climate will be changed drastically. The damage will be too big. There will be frequent acid rain, floods, ice caps will disappear as a reason of melting and the level of the oceans will dramatically rise. So the whole world will not look like today. Big cities will be under the water also.


The first thing, we should do, is the using of better energy resources like wind, solar, wave and geothermal energy. I know this is very expensive, but this is the right place to start.

Acid rain

Acid rain is one of the most serious pollution problems. Factories let out gases and chemicals into the air. In the air they are sent over the sea and hills and than they fall down as acid rain. These falling raindrops are killing fishes and trees and they also damage the buildings and the bridges. In the end I would like to say that we are going to change this world forever, but this change will mean extinction of thousands of species and nobody will like it and it will change our way of life. But there is still a time to protect, what has left.
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