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Family members, family patterns, the future of family, friendship and family, my future family. In the well known period in our country between 50ties and 90ties was spoken about family that it's a base of the state. I would rather say that family is the base of society. In contemporary world there is a trend towards smaller families. In the postwar years many American families had four or five children now one child is for many parent good enough. This trend may result in zero population growth. Young people in the Czech Republic tend to marry younger than they do in Britain. While many Czechs marry and have children in their early twenties, it is quite common for British people to start a family in their thirties. Now I would like to present the difference in families in Czech Republic and the families in English speaking countries. In our country young people stays longer with their parents, often to their marriage sometimes even after the marriage. In Great Britain or in United States young people go to work right after they graduate on high school or on the college and establish their house or an apartment. Another difference is that common Czech parents give money to their children after the marriage to build a house or rent the apartment, but in English speaking countries is more probable that parents only lend money to their children or children take a big mortgage. In United States people usually don't stay in one place for a long time, they move to get a better job or to have a change in their live. One of the biggest problems in family life is a divorce. Sometimes it's better for parents but children may suffer. I think that sometimes a couple should reconsider the divorce or wait 'till kids grow up. That's exactly what happened in our family. So our family is quite big: I have 5 uncles, 4 aunts and a lot of cousins. Both of my grandfathers died so I have only 2 grandmothers. I have also one brother and 2 step-brothers.
And how looks like the wedding in fact?

Once a couple decides to get married, they are engaged. Then they have to think what kind of wedding they want. Many people now don’t normally go to church, but they do like traditional church weddings. Or they can forget religion completely and marry in a Registry Office. This is a quick and cheap, but not a very interesting event. Having a religious or civil ceremony in other places is possible too, but only if the place is especially licensed for weddings, for example in a house, a garden, a park, a hotel or in the wedding chapel. For a good traditional church wedding, the planning and cost are horrible, but many people like it because it makes a great family occasion.

The bridegroom is not supposed to see the bride on the day of the wedding until they meet in church as this is considered to be bad luck. The bridegroom arrives at the church first and waits inside. The bride arrives later. Her father walks down the aisle with her. The couple makes their wedding vows and the bridegroom gives the bride a wedding ring and then the bride also gives a ring to the bridegroom. Then the happy couple walks back up the aisle, they are man and wife. Their friends throw confetti at them and they spent ages taking photographs. After that they go to a hotel for their wedding reception. They cut the cake and make speeches. Before the reception ends the bride and bridegroom usually drive away to another hotel to spend their wedding night before beginning their honeymoon.
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