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Leisure time and hobbies

The most of us fill our leisure time with hobbies to improve our skills or just to please ourselves. I sorted hobbies in a few groups - cheap which require minimal financial resources, expensive and dangerous. From cheaper hobbies I would like to mention reading books, amateur dramatics, handwork, mushrooming, collecting various types of forest fruit and some inexpensive sports like hiking or swimming. To the second category belong expensive sports like golf or tennis. Many of hobbies are expensive due to necessary transport connected with them like traveling to foreign countries or to places of interest. Special part of expensive ones is kind of hobbies where author is creating something. For instance my brother is keen on electronics. This pastime is expensive but rewarding; we made together many things like amplifiers or loudspeakers. As he uses his skill of making devices I use my talent to play electric guitar. Both hobbies are very close because we put something from us to thing that we create. Playing guitar is my most frequented pastime. It costs me a lot of time but its relaxing, it calms me down and it's also rewarding when a crowd of people applaud our group. The last part of hobbies I mentioned before are dangerous hobbies. There belong adrenaline sports like paragliding, climbing, bungee jumping or diving into deeps. All types of hobbies are very important for us, because it keeps us in good physical and psychical condition. Leisure time spent by boredom or watching TV may result in bad moods or even in depressions.
Everyday I go home I usually listen to the radio. For me it is a way of relaxation. In the evening I watch TV news with my family and then I go to the bedroom and read, listen to music or write some letters. Sometimes I watch an interesting film or music program on TV or a video. From time to time I travel to the city and go to the cinema or to some interesting concert or theatre with my friends. When I go to the cinema there are almost always showing some good movie. I like comedies and romantic films. I don’t enjoy action movies at all. Most often I go to the cinema with my boyfriend. Sometimes it is quite difficult to select the movie that we both like. I usually go to the cinema once a month, because in these days it is a little expensive hobby. I think that cinema is useful not just for our hobby and relaxation, but through film and the movie screen we learn a lot of new and interesting things.
People have different expectations for their holidays. Some want only to lie by the water and sunbathe. Others practically don’t leave their house, sit by the television, go out to have a meal, read newspapers and again sit down in front of TV. Some people spend their holiday doing sports, hiking or traveling. Other people go to their cottages where they collect mushrooms, go fishing, pick strawberries, raspberries and herbs. A lot of people like hiking. They walk through the forest, sleep out in the open and enjoy the beauties of nature.
Among winter and spring we have spring holidays. The time of spring holidays varies in individual areas of the Czech Republic. Mostly they are in February or March. During spring holidays a lot of families go out to search snow. If there is no snow in the city they go to the mountains. We can ski, cross-country ski, sledge, have a snow fight, snowboard and erect snowmen. Anybody who doesn’t want do sports can quietly sit in front of a cottage or hotel, breathe fresh air and sunbathe. Recreational centers often offer swimming pools and saunas.

We often take our vacations or holidays abroad. Nowadays anyone can choose any place in the world, which he would like to see. We can travel in many ways. The most comfortable way is traveling by car. Almost every family today owns a car. Traveling by car is more comfortable because the car can take us quickly to wherever we want to go at the moment. Another popular means of transportation is the bus. Traveling by bus may sometimes be a little uncomfortable. Buses for traveling long distance usually have better seats, dark glass against the sun, air-conditioning, television and radio and often with toilet as well. Some buses even offer travelers food and drink.
When we want to get to a distant country or to a different continent, we can travel by car, bus, ship or airplane. The most attractive option is usually to travel by ship and airplane. Airplanes can take us to our destination in a relatively short period of time. Before you are ready to take off you have to buy a ticket and pass through the luggage and passport control. Sometimes the flight is delayed due to bad weather, under such occasions you have to stay in the waiting zone. Aboard, you usually get good service by the flight attendants; you might get free drinks, meals, and newspapers. They usually show a film or you can listen to some music.

Hitch-hiking is a very special type of traveling. Mostly it’s used by young people who aren’t afraid of taking risk. Some travelers get to very distant countries in this way. Young people travel mainly for improving their language and often also for fun and adventure. When we want to travel abroad, we have to have a valid passport and it is better to have an international health insurance card. For the time of our vacations we may live in a hotel. Of this things (transport, accommodation and boarding) usually take care the travel agencies.
Sports are one of the most popular leisure activities. This is mainly due to the fact that they help one to keep fit both physically and mentally. Such a form of relaxation as sports is refreshing, can help take off some weight, and makes use of one’s skills and strength. During sports events one can meet a lot of new people and see how it feels to be a winner or a loser.

Usually all sports and games are divided into two groups according to where they can be practiced. Indoor sports include for example gymnastics, table tennis, boxing, wrestling etc. On the other hand, among outdoor sports are skiing (down-hill, slalom, ski jump), sledding, hiking, rock climbing, horse riding, golf and some aquatic sports such as rowing or windsurfing.

Non-professional cycling, or riding a (mountain) bike, which is one of the most popular activities, is also enjoyed out of doors (on the roads or paths).
But most sports and almost all games can be done both indoors and outdoors. Meetings in all track and field events (sprints, middle and long distance runs, high and long jump etc.) také place in summer stadiums as well as in athletic halls. Also one of the healthiest sports, swimming, and figure skating don’t actually demand a roofed room. One can easily recognize that those sports which can be done only on ice or snow (skating a skiing) are winter sports.

The games are usually all-season activities, and they are practiced both indoors and outdoors. The most numerous group of games are the ball games. Let us mention the individual games in the order in which they are popular in Great Britain, the United States, and the Czech Republic.
England was also the first home of many modern games, for example: football (in United States it’s named the soccer), rugby football, golf, cricket, tennis and squash. In the USA most sports are very popular, football, baseball, basketball and ice-hockey (it has its roots in Canada). These games are turned into big shows in which the sport stars make a lot of money. In our country ball games include football, volleyball, basketball, handball, and tennis. In the ice-hockey we are the champions. Our country has produced many sportsmen who are succeeded in top international competitions. In the first place athletics (recently javelin and decathlon) have excelled abroad.
I don’t forget to mention the Olympic Games, which were already held in ancient Greece. The Olympics were renewed by Pierre Coubertin about a hundred years ago and today as well as in ancient times they take place every four years. Since 1924 there are two parts to the games – the winter part and the summer part – which alternate once every two years.
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