Life in Towns and Villages

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Life in Towns and Villages

Today, people all over the world are moving out of small villages in the country to go and live in big, noisy cities. They are moving from the peaceful hills, mountains, fields, rivers and streams of the countryside to the busy world of streets, buildings, traffic and crowds. This movement from rural areas to urban areas has been going on for over two hundred years.

In many countries, the main reason people come to live in towns and cities is work. After one or two large factories have been built in or near a town, people come to find work, and soon an industrial area begins to grow. There is usually a residential area nearby, where the factory workers can live. The families of these workers need schools, hospitals and shops. So more people come to live in the area to provide these services - and so a city grows.

In every major city in the world, there is a business district where the big companies have their main offices. In the United States, his area is usually in the city centre downtown. It is here that you can see the huge skyscraper office blocks. The people who work here often travel a long way to work each day. Many of them live in the suburbs of the city, far away from the industrial area and the city centre. Some suburbs are very pleasant, with nice houses and big gardens. There are usually parks for children to play in and large department stores where you can buy all you need. But what is the future of big cities? Will they continue to get bigger and bigger? Perhaps not. Some major cities have actually become smaller in the last ten years and it is quite possible that one day we will see people moving out of the major cities and back into smaller towns and villages.
I would like to talk about place of my birth. Maybe it is a little bit pathetic because I have always been trying to get out there, but I like this city even more I can avow. The truth is I am glad that I live in that kind of the city. I am aware that a bigger city gives us more opportunities, but for my bringing up it is the best place. It is not too small or too big and that is what I care about.
In Sokolov we can probably find whatever our heart longs for. There are a cinema, a theater, pubs, restaurants and discos. In cinema people can see international movies and there are the expositions. In theater is a film club for more exacting movies.

The biggest problem is that there are not any department stores or malls. There is just small Ural, where are small shops. The most people are living in estates with high-rises or houses. In residential quarters are small shops for common life. For example there are camera supplies, barber’s, florist’s, grocers, hairdressers and markets.

In the center of the city we can find a library, some schools, pharmacies, house of miners, town hall, law court, own authorities, baker shop, drugstore and the other. That all we can find in this small city, so, nobody can say that there is not enough shops for normal life. To sum it up I am probably satisfied with it. I even think this a good place for living indeed. 
I think that the best way to describe life in a town or a village is to compare the differences between them. There are many advantages and also negatives when we live in town. There are more sport facilities like gyms, fitness centers or swimming pools then there are more clubs, restaurants, shops, department stores, banks and also more friends. The disadvantages of living in the city are pollution made by industry and cars, then noise, rubbish and social issues like crime or vandalism. Some people are concerned by living in small flats which can result in depressions. Citizens are also more preserved, superficial and often became lazy due to public means of transport and short distances. Living in a village is nearly opposite. People there are more accessible, sincere and hardworking. Village is greener than city, pollution, rubbish and noise is minimal. Disadvantages of living in a village are boredom, long distances to department stores, offices and cultural places like cinemas and theatres. Instead of stadium or swimming pool we can find there farms, burns, stables and other agricultural buildings, then orchards, fields and ponds. In a typical Czech village we can also find various domestic animals like cattle, horses, pigs or poultry. Another type of village that appeared in contemporary Czech Republic is more like rich suburbs in big cities. Typical build up area is around Prague. Those communities belong to rich people from cities and serve as recreation places. Now I would like to speak about my town Sokolov. Sokolov used to be a mining town so surroundings is awful, but there is a plan that all quarries will be  filled with water and then Sokolov will be the center of lake district. Instead of mines Sokolov has also beautiful historical core with many places of interest e.g. small castle where city library is located, Old Square with fountain and column of a man with falcon, then church of st. Jakub or Capuchin cloister.
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