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Mass media

The television belongs to the most popular media in the world. There are about 1000 channels. Each country has different channels, but there are some channels, which you can see anywhere. Sometimes they are a little bit different, but the main reason, why are the there is same. To these channels belong MTV, the world most popular music channel, CNN; there are just news, which are going on in the world and some educational channels.
MTV is separated into MTV Europe, American MTV and French, Italy, German MTV and etc.

The highest grated show on the MTV is TRL. But why is this show so famous? There is a simple answer. It is just cool. It is about what is going on in the world, about movies, music, games and about everything what are young people interested in. There just famous actors, groups, actresses, singers and the other.

CNN is the world news channel. There you can find everything what you need for your life. There are weather, sports news, business news, world news. There you can find information about for example education, immigration, investments. Everything you need is separated into shows. This channel is very important for example for exchange, international trade.
But these two are just a beginning of long chain.

Over 99 per cent of British homes have TV and that is same in a rest of west mature civilization. In Britain is very famous channel BBC. BBC is separated into BBC 1, BBC 2, BBC prime, etc.

BBC 1 tends to broadcast very popular programs like recent films, game shows, sports and soaps. BBC 2 shows programs which usually attract much smaller audience. These are TV plays classical concerts, foreign films, etc.
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