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Charles Diclens was born in 1812 and he was the main leader of an English realism. He grew up in a very poor family. His parents had problems with police, because they owe money for accommodation. His father was small official and he was arrested in jail for debtors. Also his mother was later arrested so he had to earn money for living in age of twelve. He was working in shoe shop. Because of his childhood he was usually writing about children without home and family. He usually derived from his own experience. His famous books where is a child as a hero are Oliver Twist, David Copperfield.

His first book was Chronicle of a Pickwick club. In this book he criticised jails and poorhouses and social rates. This book brought him popularity and he became famous. Now I would like to speak about his well-known book and it’s called Oliver Twist. This book is also known as The Adventures of Oliver Twist.

The main hero is a small boy, a son of unknown parents. He is bringing up in poorhouse and he has to suffer from cruelty and hunger. He tries to escape and he is successful. He travel to London and he joined there crime guild.
The leader is Fagin and the best thieves are Ferina and Bill. He is trying to be without crime. Once they are doing small thievery and innocent Oliver is arrested. Before he is sentenced Mr. Brownlow rescues him. However he is again abducted with his old guild. He stays with his friends. In the next action he is wounded and he stays on the venue. Mrs. Roza finds there small Oliver and she helps him. Oliver is very satisfied with this care. The guild try again to abduct Oliver but they are arrested and executed. Mr. Brownlow adopts Oliver and he become the heir.
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