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Culture and Art

Culture and art belong to everyday life of people. They give aesthetic value to our lives. Unfortunately, not everybody was born with ability to create art or to perform it. Those who have talent can become famous.
Different people like different things- it depends (závisí) on their feelings, social backround, age, personality and education.

Forms (types) of arts:

Art is a way communicating feelings. There are many forms of art-- performing arts (music, dance, theatre) or decorative arts such as painting, sculpture, architecture and photography. Painters paint different types of paintings from portraits, through to landscapes (až po krajiny) and abstract. The works of Picasso, Van Gogh, Micelangelo are immortal. Sculptors make statues and they show their work in art galleries or have private exhibitions. Dance as another part of art which has various forms such as folk, classical, modern dance, dance on the ice and ballet.


Culture and art are the part of national heritage(dedičstvom)of every country. Culture can be represented by music, literature, art exhibitions and museum, exibits by going to the cinema, concert and theater. The actor and actresses represent the performing arts. Many books have been created into films and actors and actresses are acting on a stage or in a film.

At present young people go to the cinema where are movies in 3D. Going to the theathre is a social event for most people. In slovakia people like going to musical or some comedy plays. We have very good actors who play in the Slovak the best known theatres: Slovak National Theatre, The New Scene, The Small Scene and many other. The best known theatre in London is West End. It is for people who know a foreign language.


If you live in a large town you have a good choice of cultural facilities. There are several cinemas, many galeries, museum, conterts and festival of different genres (žánre).


If you live in a small town or village, you have less choice of cultural facilities but there are disco or ball, fairs, village days, may pole celebrations, cooking some meals.

Kind of music:

Music can be someone´s hobby, professional or a part of lifestyle. If you like classical music, you can enjoy a concert of a some orchestra in a concert hall or go to a festival. Opera lovers can go to opera performances in a theathre of opera house. Fans of different music styles: pop, rock, jazz, blues or country can enjoy the music festivals, concert or simply listen to CDs. People who like folklore music can go on the folklore festivals. Folklore goups are dressed in a traditional costumes. The most famous is Východná in Slovakia.

About me:

I reguraly visit summer music festival where best group are as: Ine Kafé, Zoči Voči, Helenine oči, Kabát. These festivals are in the open air for example: Dohoda, Bažant Pohoda or Summer Domaša fest. My dream is Tommorrowland.
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