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Health care

More and more people know that good health means a longer and happier life. Nowadays, people care about their health more than they did in the past.
They eat healthier food, practise different kind of sports and try to avoid stressfull situations. A healthy, strong and beautiful body is an ideal for many people. Being in a good shape and good mental health are the basic conditions for good life.

Doctors often say that headaches and stomachaches are the results of depression. Bad eating habits, lack of physical activities and stress are negative factors which cause serious diseases.

When we are ill, we usually see a doctor /general practitioner/ Some people don´t like a doctors, so they cure myself by natural medicine (drink a tea, eat a garlic, a lemon, honey, and other products from alternative medicine).

Sometimes, we need to have an appoinment with a specialist. The doctor examines our body, asks about symptoms and usually prescribes some medication on a prescription. Then, we go to the pharmacy to get our antibiotics, painkillers or vitamis.

When the illnes is too serious, the patient is taken to the hospital to be operated. Basic health care is free in Slovakia for all people who pay their insurance mothly.

Everybody goes through various diseases during their childhood and adult life. Most of the diseases are not serious and do not take a long time to cure.
In the past diseases, such as flu, tuberculosis or scarlet fever, killed many people.

Nowadays, there exist vaccines against most of them. There are diseases which we have problems to cure or cannot cure at all yes. Cancer is one of them. More than 3.6 milion people are infected with AIDS. Many countries in the world spend a lot of money on public campaigns and advertisement which warn of the dangers. Publicity advices heterosexuals to use a condom and have one sexual partner only.

About me

I think that people should to begin morning with a vegetables or fruit. It contains true vitamins but we should choose groceries from Slovakia or from counries which are near our country. I prefer home grown food.  People should listen to your body.

I think that the most dangerous disease is mental illness because If mental health is bad, this is the beginning of other diseases.

Healthy lifestyle - regular exercise, plenty of rest,  enough sleep,  good eating habits – lots of fruits and vitamins, milk, meat for proteins,  no smoking and drinking alcohol,  avoid stressful situations,  check-ups at the doctor´s, dental check-ups,  take vitamin pills, have massages, sauna, wellness
The human body

The human body consists of a bony skeleton and muscles. The 3 parts of the body are the head, the trunk and the limbs.


The head which is partly covered with hair, contains the brain- which is the autre of nervous system and it controle almost all the bodysystems (musculas, cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, urivary, endokrine, lymphatic and reproductive system).


There are many parts of our face: forehead, tempus, the eyes, eyebrows, eyelids and eyelashes, the mouth, the checks, the jaw, the chin, the nose, the ears.


The main part of our mouth are the lips, the teeth, the tongue, the palate and gums. We have 2 sests of our teeth in own life-time: milk teeth and permanent teeth. If we lose our permanent teeth, then the dentists provides us with false teeth.


The head is attached to the trunk by the neck. The trunk includes the chest in front, the back, the shouldies and the abdomen. In the trunk we have internal organs which we cannot see: the heart, the lings, the liver, the kidney, the stomach, the gall-bladder (žlčník), the spleen, the intestines and the bladder.


The arm and legs are called the libs. The leg is coposed of the thigh (stehno), the knee, the calf, the ancle, the foot. Each foot has a sole a hell and 5 toes.

The arm consists of upper and lower arm, the elbow, the wurst, the palm, 4 fingers and 1 thumb. The fingernails protect fingerstips.

Our body can move because of muscles, they are connected to the bones by sinews (šľachy) and bones are bound together by ligaments. There are 230 bones in our body.


People have 5 sensens which help them. The eyes are the orgasm of sights, the nose of smell, the ears of hearing, the nerves and the skin of touch. People who cannot hear are deaf, those who cannot see are blind and these who cannot speak are dumb
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