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Travelling is very popular in 20th century. Nowadays all people can travel over the world. For many of us is travelling a hobby. People want to see new place, meet new people, the most beautiful buildings and many other interesting and famous things.

Probably the most interesting reason for travelling is tourism, but some people travel for business, political or culture reasons. Travelling for tourism is not limited to any age group. If you travel abroad you must have all the necessary documents like a passport, identity card and a visa for travel to a specific country. You will also need to exchange some money into the local currency of the country where you are travelling.

People can travel by car, bus, train, plane, boat and motorcycle.

Advantage of travelling by car is that you can stop nearly where you can. It is comfortable mean of transport bat not for driver. When travelling abroad you mast have car in order , because repair of our car in foreign country is very expensive. But by our car you can get on visit many places witch are not easily approachable by public transport.

Travelling by bus. If you don’t own car or if you aren’t a good driver or if your car isn’t in order you prefer travelling by bus. It isn’t expensive mean of transport. We have local municipal transport by witch we can get around the city. We can use bus witch link go to the big cities of the country or even they go to the foreign countries. At present these types of bus are equipped by WC, videos and air conditioning. They are comfortable and we can sleep there. The driver can prepare “for example coffee, tea, hot sup”, during the journey. These journeys are manages  by travel agencies or you can travel yourself.  

Travelling by train is also very comfortable mean of transport. You can get travel our country or you can travel abroad country. You can even get over the see when you go ferry. When you travel far away you can buy berth or couchette. When you driving a car you can’t eat or drink, bat in train you can. I like travel by train, because my father work on rail wais and this is a reason why I can travel free. I and my family have trains gratis.    

Travelling by air is the fastest mean of transport. It is very comfortable bat many people are afraid of it. In fact it isn’t dangerous in comparison with travelling by car but when plain halls down so few people survive.       

In the future, I want to travel by ship. I think that is nice and exotic form of travelling. Motorcycle travelling is often only hobby. Ride on the motorcycle is a specific lifestyle. Bicycle riding is comparable to walking, but it’s faster

Hitch-hiking is a very special type of travelling. It’s cheap, but very dangerous. And you must have luck by hitch-hiking. It is very slow travelling.
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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