The Czech Republic, Prague

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The Czech Republic, Prague

The Czech Republic is the state where we live and in witch most of us were also born. It is our native (rodná) country. The Czech Republic is situated to the centre of Europe. Czech Republic is an inland (vnitrozemský) country.

Our country has four neighbors. In the north (sever) it borders on (hraničí s) Poland and in the south (jih) on Austria. The shortest border is with Slovakia in the east (východ) and the longest border with Germany is in the west (západ).

The Czech Republic has population of about 10 million people. Same people live in Bohemia, other in Moravia and some in Silesia. The three oldest parts of our republic are Moravia, Bohemia and Silesia 

Tasso di cambio corona ceca (CZK) - Repubblica Ceca

Prague is a capital city of the Czech Republic. Prague has about 1 million people and it is situate to the centre of Europe, “we said to be a heart of Europe”.

The historic centre is very nice. The first place which we can visit is the Wenceslas square. The Wenceslas square is the largest and the most important square in Prague. It is very attractive and interesting for foreigners. On the Wenceslas square is statue of St. Wenceslas in upper part of the square. This statue was made by a Czech sculptor Myslbek. Above (nahoře) it we can see the National Museum, with historical and natural collections. On the Wenceslas square are lot of small shops, coffee houses and restaurants.

From the Wenceslas square we can go to the Powder Tower. It is probably the most famous gate in the Prague. Then we can visit Old Town square. Old Town square has many small markets where you can buy little things as pictures of Prague, little cups with names or some other souvenirs. This square is well known for the Old Town hall and the Astronomical clock with twelve apostles going every hour. It is the place where 27 Czech noblemen (šlechtic) were executed.

Other interesting place in Prague is Charles Bridge. This bridge was built by Charles IV, in 14 century, but first bridge in Prague was the Juditin Bridge. The Vltava river is very wide (rozlehlý) in Prague.

And on the end we can go to the most famous place for tourists Prague castle. Prague Castle is situated in Hradčany. In the past it was the residence of the Czech kings, but since 1918 it has become (stato se) the residence of our presidents. There we can see for example the Golden lane (ulička) or the St. Vitus Cathedral stands near the Castle. The cathedral is in gothic style.

Near the castle is also Petřín Hill, where we find Petřín observation tower (rozhledna). Other dominant of the city is the National Theatre with golden roof (střecha). It was opened in 1881. It is situated near by Wenceslas square.

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