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Cuisines (kjuzín-kuchyně)
Many countries have a typical cuisine (kuchyň), a specific traditions and practices of cooking. In our country daily (deilí-dení) meals usually start with breakfast, which consists (skládá se) of something to drink such as (jako) tea with sugar and lemon, milk or a coffee. Most people eat on breakfast several (několik) slices (plátky) of bread, rolls (rohlík) or buns (pečivo) and butter (bath), natural cheese (sýr), eggs, ham, salami, jam and other. We can also have something sweet – cakes or doughnuts (dounauts-koblihy). Quite (docela) a lot of people eat cereal or cornflakes with ingredients (přísady) such as yoghurt or milk and so on.

Around (kolem) noon (poledne) we have lunchtime. Most people take their (své) meals at the school canteen, or factory canteen, but some people prefer going to a restaurant or fast food and a buffet. The main (hlavní) food can be sweet such as fruit dumplings (knedlík) or pancakes (pankejks-palačinka) with jam or cream. Or we can have some meat (maso) with some side-dish (příloha) such as potatoes, chips, rice, dumpling or pasta (těstoviny). And we have also meat with salad consist vegetables such as carrot, pepper, tomato, cabbage (zelí) and so on.

An evening meal may be either (ajzr-buďto) warm or cold. Cold and quick dinner may consist of some bread, rolls and other. We can also cook dish (jídlo) from a tin (konzerva) or soup, toast and eggs. We can also eat fruit such as banana, peach, pear (hruška), apple, strawberry, orange and cherry.

Traditional British breakfast consists of a glass of fruit juice and cornflakes with sugar and milk. Sundays are reserved for their big cooked breakfast.
The traditional of British cuisine (kuchyně) is known for overcooked (převařená) vegetables, tasteless (tejstles-nechutné) meat with a lot of fat (tuku), but British eating habits (zvyk) have changed over last thirty (třicet) years.

The Typical Czech meals include (zahrnuje): potatoes soup, roasted goose (pečená husa) or pork (vepřové) with sauerkraut (zelí) and Czech fruit dumplings.

Fast food

Fast food is a typical feature (hlavní) of both (obouch) British and American life styles. A fast-food restaurant is a restaurant characterized both (obojí) by food which is supplied (dodavat) quickly after ordering (objednání), and by minimal service. At fast food restaurants like McDonald´s and Kentucky Fried (smažené) Chicken usually offer (nabízí) drinks (Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, tea, milkshakes and other) and some solid (pevné) food such as roast chicken and chips, fish, chicken nuggets, hamburgers, sandwiches, pizza or salads. Popcorn is another typical feature of British and American lifestyle. Popcorn is very popular meal in cinema.
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