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Festivals, National Holidays
In the year we have many opportunities for celebrations. Often we celebrate the birthday, name day, wedding and baptism (křest). People can also celebrate elevated (zvýšení) to a better position. We celebrate much National Holidays and festivals in The Czech Republic.

New Year’s Day: (Silvestr)
Each year ends in December 31st. This day we celebrate New Year’s Eve it means the end of the old and the beginning of the New Year. January 1st we call New Year’s Day. Between these days is full of celebration. As midnight everybody stand with a glass of champagne in hand and waiting for the clock to strike midnight. We wish other people all the best in the New Year, health, happiness, love and a lot of success (úspěch).

Easter: (Velikonoce)
Easter we celebrate in April. This National holiday is very popular in our country.
Mostly (především) for boys. Easter is a religious holiday. This National Holiday we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. On Monday in the morning boys go with willow (vrbová) branches (pomlázka) carol (koledovat) the girls. They are rewarded (odměněný) colour eggs and also alcohol drink for older boys. The symbols of Easter are also the symbols of spring for example: a lamb (beránek) or yellow chick.

All Fools day (Apríl)
This holiday is celebrates in April 1st. This holiday is celebrates in Great Britain.
Fools day was named after the custom (zvyk) of playing jokes and tricks on people and then you can say “April Fool”.  

Labor Day (Svátek Práce)
Labor Day we celebrate on 1st Monday in September.
This holiday is celebrates in the Czech Republic and in USA.
Labor Day celebrate on honor (pocta) all the working people.
We celebrate day of rest (odpočinek). It marks (značí) end of the summer season.

Independence Day (Den nezávislosti)
This holiday is celebrates in all world, but in our country we celebrate Independence Day in May 8th. In this day was Czech Republic rescued (zachráněn) from Germany army.

Cyril and Metoděj Day (Svátek Cyrila a Metoděje)
In July 5th we celebrate Cyril and Metoděj Day.

This holiday we celebrate for honors arrival (příchod) Cyril and Metoděj to bohemia.

Jan Hus Day (Svátek Jana Husa)
Jan Hus Day we celebrate in May 6th. This holiday we celebrate for honors master Jan Hus. Jan Hus was born from his protest opposite religious.

Halloween (Před večer svátku všech svatých)
This National holiday is celebrates in April 1st.
This National holiday is celebrates in Great Britain and in USA.
In Britain it is celebrated only in the north of England and in Scotland, but it is generally (obecně) celebrated in the USA and Canada.
Children celebrate Halloween with dressing and with mask over their faces.
Children go to neighbours a say “trick or treat” (trik nebo dárek) and the people gift (obdarovat) the children with sweets, fruit or money.

Thanksgiving Day (den díkuvzdání)
This National holiday is celebrated on 4th Thursday in November.
It is National Holiday in the USA and Canada. It is occasion (příležitost) for the family will be together. This National Holiday people celebrate a tradition dinner with big turkey (krocan).

St. Wenceslas Day (svátek sv. Václava)
This National holiday we celebrated in 28th September. St. Wenceslas day we celebrate on honor (počest) of deaths St. Wenceslas. St. Wenceslas was killed by his brother Boleslav by door of church.  

Christmas (Vánoce)
Every year we look forward (těšit se) to Christmas. Christmas is one of holidays that most people look forward to. About a month before the Christmas holidays Christmas decoration start appearing (objevující se) in the store. Advent begins four weeks before Christmas Eve. In this time mothers start bake Christmas sweet. On December 5th we celebrate St. Nicholas day. Many people look forward to this day, but some children are afraid. Good children get bag with fruit and sweet in the evening of December 5th and naughty (zlobivé) children get only coal (uhlí) and potatoes.

Christmas holiday has a typical meal. For Christmas Eve dinner we eat fish soup, fried carp with potato salad, sweets and fruits. After dinner we go to the tree and unwrap (rozbalí) the presents.
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