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All of us know that a child from one to three years of age can attend (navštěvovat) a day nursery (jesle) and from three years of age, kindergarten. Here have children first experience and contacts with society (společností), social rules (společenskými pravidly)
and ethics (morálka). The tutor also teaches his wards (svěřence) the general principles (základní poznatky) of the alphabet (abeceda) and of mathematics.
After enrolling (zápisu) in the nine-year elementary school, six-year olds child begin witch they school attendance. The school begins on September 1st and finishes on June 30th.
Children gradually (postupně) learn to read, write and count. Later children start with history, geography, the natural sciences and the fine arts. At the end of each school year children get report (vysvědčení) with their academic record (prospěch) in different subject (jednotlivých předmětech).
In the final year of the elementary school many people have problem. During this time everybody needs to choose his future occupation (povolání). We can choose from various options. We can study at the secondary school “for example: industrial (průmyslovku), medical, economic, arc school and Grammar school”. In contrast (porovnání) with the past, now are more important foreign language studies (for example: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian) and also computers and economics studies.

Secondary school studies last for four years. At the end of the fourth year students must pass (složit) a graduation examination (maturitní zkoušku), usually consisting (složenou) of oral and written parts. By graduation examination is verified (ověření) knowledge of four subjects or five subjects on some specialised school. From each subject student select one question which should be (by měla být) answered and discussed for fifteen minutes. If we do not pass the examination on our first attempt (pokus), we have second chance in September.   

If we wand study on a college or university, we must successfully pass the entrance (vstupní) examinations and interviews (pohovor). The choices are really quit. We can choose where we will study at school with technical, humanitarian or economic orientation. Universities and Technical universities have several levels. The lowest usually lasting (trvající) three years, is the bachelors degree. The most extensive (rozsáhlí) are studies for a bachelor’s degree in economic. After completing studies at an economics or technical college we have the title of engineer. The completion of studies is celebrate by a ceremony called graduation, where we get a diploma certifying (potvrzující) the successful (úspěšné) completion of our studies.      
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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