My favorite film is Titanic

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Dátum: 11.07.2008
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My favorite movie of all times is Titanic. This movie is a love story. It’s about love of poor painter and a rich woman. A painter’s name is Jack, a woman’s name is Rose. These two people met on the deck of Titanic, the most gorgeous biggest and advanced ship ever built. Rose has a fiancé and she’s about to get married for money. But Rose falls in love with Jack and Jack has the same feelings about her. Her fiancé doesn’t like this and he blames Jack of committing thievery. But Rose feel in her heart that he is innocent. Then a terrible accident happen, Titanic turn over and sunk. They end in a freezing water and Jack sacrifices his life for Rose’s survival. When Leonardo Di Caprio died I felt very sad, this movie is just amazing. Performances of Leo and Kate Winslet are wonderful. I’m always very impressed by their performances every time I watch this beautiful movie. 
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