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Autor: Dievča sesik
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Dátum: 11.07.2008
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I don’t listen to music very much because I have more interesting stuff to do. When I find some time to spare I prefer reading or browsing the Internet. I use music only as a background when I’m working on my PC or when I have to listen to it in computer games as a scenic undertone. My favorite type of music is trance. It’s a modern style of music developed in 1990s. Well, I can describe it as a artificially generated sound of real instruments (DJ’s work) combined with girl’s singing. My number one is group called Groove Coverage. It contains of 2 people, Dj Novus and Verena (the singer). They make cover versions or remixes of popular existing songs from other artists.

Their style is very innovative, cheerful, agile, I just love it. The song I like best is called The Moonlight Shadow. It has a pretty complicated story hidden in it’s lyrics. They’re singing about a man who was killed in an accident and how they miss him. I like their songs because they are very different from the pop-music mainstream. I really don’t like any form of dancing, especially the formal ones. I’ve also never tried to learn them because I just don’t think it’s important for life. Instead of spending my time by using drugs and having unprotected sex at some discotheque I prefer to stay at our favorite bar enjoying the company of my friends. I don’t play any musical instrument and I never used to. Music is just not my hobby and I don’t find it that important.
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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