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Nowadays people don’t read so much as in the past. When we ask them WHY, their usual answer is : I don’t have time, I’m too busy, I don’t like books or reading is not necessary for my life. They prefer watching TV, video, making sports or some other activities. They consider a time spent with book as wasted. Of course, there are also many people, who think that reading is very important part of human life. Some of them read books just for pleasure, or when they want to learn something, others take book as good way to relax. For most people is reading a form of escape from monotony of everyday life. I belong to kind of people, for who is book necessary thing in life. I tend to read everywhere and every time. For example in the bus, before going to bed, during eating, at school. Reading books is very important to me, something like cell phone for present people, I simply can’t exist without it. I can even say that it is my daily routine – everyday when I come from school I sit down and start reading. Till this age I have already read plenty of books. Why?

is on of my best friend since I was young. Then my parents used to give me books instead of toys – my usual present to birthday or Christmas was a book. My disposition to this hobby comes from my mother. She also enjoys reading many books, so this could be an answer why I like reading so much.

I prefer more than just one genre of books, but my most favorite one is fantasy fiction.

My favorite book
is definitely „The Night Watch„ written by present living English author Terry Pratchett. I find his kind of writing the most relaxing, his books tends to be very humorous but not stupid, plot is sometimes hard to follow but it’s not too complicated. He often parodies situations and historical events from the everyday life, this is the most funniest part of his books because they are situated to fantasy environments, read as gothic middle-age with lots of castles and dragons. Author is from England so he occasionally makes jokes of French people and their customs, maybe if I were French guy I would find this offending.

As I said earlier reading is my preferred way to relax. Because of this I don’t like Non-fiction literature, horror stories and war thematic. Non-fiction is very hard to understand and I don’t want to study historical facts and author’s opinions I want to get relaxed. Horror stories aren’t an ideal way to feel nicer too, you’re all scared, stressed and plots of these books are often very stupid, silly, unreal, ignorant and so. What I really hate is poetry. Especially modern poetry. I must admit I can’t get into this at all. I always used to think that poetry is about rhyming verses together. Major part of modern poetry didn’t rhyme at all, it’s boring, point is weak, often it’s just a group of 20 words written on the whole page, it’s not humorous or interesting at all. Authors who write this earn cash from stupidity of readers.

If I have to choose from film or book version of some story, I always select book. There are details better described and I can stop reading or resume reading whenever I want. Also, when some chapter or paragraph of book is for me very interesting I can return to it and read it over and over again. I think that in this case reading is way better than watching TV.

But as far as news is concerned I prefer watching TV. In TV news I can better see what happened, I can see place of accidents, events. There I can also hear what politicians say, how they are acting. In newspaper I can this only read, I can’t see it. By taking education about for example history is better to watch TV or video, because some of historical events were filmed by camera, so we can see there real historical interviews and significant persons, fights or historical buildings. If I had to compare what is better and why I would say reading is more meaningful for people, primarily for students. You improve your imagination, learn new expressions and improve your vocabulary.

Spending all free time watching TV is just dumb. You’re sitting on the couch, watching stupid serials and so-called entertaining shows, you don’t have to think, imagine what is happening or using your brain to discover hidden plot. Watching TV in primetime is simply brain-washing. What I most like on books that they are not full of adds as TV programme is. Also when you’re reading you have more time to understand what’s happening in the story, you can always check what happened in the previous episode, vice versa you don’t get lost and finishing the book means something for you. I must say that reading is more beneficial than watching TV.
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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