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Meno: OLGA
Pridané: 10/11/2016 14:26
"I think that because you have...." Katka, zopakuj si alebo nauč sa syntax.
Meno: Katy
Pridané: 20/03/2016 21:27
I think that because you have only 200-220 words, so you can't waste any words.
However, you can still write three short paragraphs that focus on the three aspects mentioned at the end of the question: 1) The importance of holidays in our society and your family; 2) The most significant holidays in Slovakia and 3) Your view about adopting customs from other countries.
By having one paragraph for each of the key points, your essay will be clearly organised and answer the question in full.
When you write about the things that happen usually, always, sometimes, never - use the PRESENT SIMPLE tense. E.g. My family ALWAYS GOES to our country cottage to celebrate New Year.
Slovakia has a folklore custom where the boys and men WHIP the girls at Easter.
If you talk about traditions that don’t happen anymore, you can use PAST TENSE or the form USED TO. E.g. Slovak people always USED TO go to church on Christmas day, but now this is less common.
To introduce your opinion, you can use SHOULD or OUGHT TO. E.g. Slovak people OUGHT TO make an effort to keep their traditions alive.
Meno: Katy
Pridané: 20/03/2016 21:26
Téma: Holidays, Customs and Traditions in our Country
Paragraph 1, for example, could mention the following points: ‘In a rapidly changing world where every country has to face the forces of globalisation, it is important to maintain traditional customs and holidays ... The best place to do this is with the family ... traditions help a society maintain its sense of identity and community…, etc.
In the second part you can discuss what you think the most significant Slovak holidays are for the nation and your family, e.g. religious (Easter, Christmas, Epiphany, known as Three Kings day, etc.) and cultural (New Year, harvest festival with burciak (vinobranie s burciakom), etc. ). Which holidays are important in your family? Why? What do they bring to family life and to you?
In the third paragraph you can discuss how you feel about foreign customs being celebrated in Slovakia, for example in Britain or the USA, Christmas is much more commercialised, and the British/US style Hallowe’en party (celebrated 31st October) is becoming more popular than the traditional All Soul’s Day (celebrated on 2nd November) . Should Slovakia keep its own traditions or can foreign influences be positive? E.g. learning about other cultures, foreign languages, etc.? Should public places play foreign songs during Christmas time like Last Christmas, White Christmas and Merry Christmas Everyone, etc. ?
Meno: sad
Pridané: 16/03/2016 16:56
Ak by som vedel, čo znamená slovíčko significant, tak by mi možnože aj došlo, že holidays myslia ako sviatky a nie prázdniny ... bojím sa, že som veľmi odbočil od témy a v teste tá gramatika tiež bohviečo nebola
Meno: Kiks
Pridané: 16/03/2016 15:21
Téma v pohode, dala sa napísať. Pre mňa osobne málo miesta na písanie. Podbody mám opísané len okrajovo keďže jedna strana by mi na úplné vyjadrenie nestačila
Meno: Taky
Pridané: 16/03/2016 14:33
Téma v podstate nebola zlá, aj keď oproti minulým rokom dosť odveci... Hlavne vyjadriť sa k tak rozsiahlej téme na 1 stranu nie je zrovna najjednoduchšie...

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