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An Opinion Essay

Being a teenager is beautiful time of our life. It is the most enjoyable time. They have minimum responsibility and their only duty is school attendance. They do everything what they want. Except breaking the laws.

Being a teenager offer enormous number of opportunities like going to the cinema, party, doing same sport etc. But some teenagers go the bad way of life. Their free time activities involve drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and taking drugs. I think that they have a lot of freedom so they don’t know what to do with free time.

Teenagers think that they know everything and their opinions are the best. Parents want the best for us so we shouldn’t argue with them. Good relationship should consider of discussing about problems. But some parents this solve only with screaming.

On the other hand relationship between them and their peers is better. We share together majority of our leisure time activities. Also friends are still for us, so we can talk with them about our problems and feelings. They have a huge influence on our daily life.

Teenagers live only to present, they don’t care about future life. Their attitude towards life is simple, they want to be different. They try to find themselves. I think they should change attitudes a start care about their future life.

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