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Many people think that community service is a better punishment for young offenders than locking them up in prisons or special institutions. Do you agree?

I do not agree that it is preferable to give young offenders community service instead of imprisonment, unless the crime they have committed is minor, sucha s petty theft.

First of all, I believe that if someone commits a crime, they should be punished for it. But , while prison punishes offenders by taking away their freedom, community service does not punish them at all. In my opinion, young people need to be taught from an early age that crime does not pay.

Another reason why I am against community service is that it does not make people think twice before committing a crime. The only real deterrent is the thought of possibly facing a prison sentence if they are caught.

To conclude, community service should, in my view, only be used as an alternative to locking young offenders up when the crime committed is minor and is a first offence. I believe that this view is shared by most victims of crime, who wish to see the people pay the price for the suffering they have caused. 



Community service is being used more and more as a punishment for young offenders, as an alternative to imprisonment. What are the main advantages and disadvantages of this system?

Nowadays young people who are convicted of a crime are as likely to be given community service as they are to be locked up. Naturally, this system has both advantages and disadvantages.

In the first place, young offenders are often first offenders. If they are sent to prison, they may be pushed towards a life of crime. In contrast, community service may help integrate them into society. Another advantage is that it is a cheaper alternative to prison as the offender continues to live at home. Besides, the offender is giving something back to the community instead of taking from it.

The main disadvantage is that while the idea of going to prison might act as a deterrent for some people, community service would not. Also, not all young offenders are first offenders. Some have been committing crimes from an early age and are already hardened criminals. They would regard community service as a „soft option“.

To sumu p, it seems that there are as many advantages as disadvantages, and that while community service may work for some offenders, it fails for others.

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