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Write a short story beginning or ending with these words: „ EVERY TIME I HEAR THAT MUSIC NOW, IT REMINDS ME OF THAT AMAZING DAY.“

I was travelling through northern Italy, listening to  Paul McCartney cassette on my personal stereo. Although it was sunny, it was cool for April. The coach was comfortable, light and airy-occasionally, the smartly-dressed attendants brought cold drinks and delicious snacks.

Just after midday, the road started to climb and the temperature fell rapidly. When we reached the highest point of the hills, it was snowing hard. Suddenly, there was a bang, and the coach drove off the road and stopped. For a moment everything was quiet and nobody moved. In my headphones, Paul McCartney went on singing sweetly. Fortunately nobody was hurt and soon we were all chattering excitedly. The driver had lost control after a puncture. He said he couldn´t  change the Wheel in such terrible weather conditions.

Twenty hours later the breakdown truck arrived and soon we were able to continue our journey. By the time we arrived in Milan, I was tired and hungry – I must have listened to my cassette over twenty times. Every time I hear that music now, it reminds me of that amazing day.

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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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