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Look / have a look / stare / glance at


Laugh / smile at – posmievať sa z niekoho


Laugh / smile to – usmievať sa na niekoho


Aim / point sth at 


talk  / speak to somebody


listen to


write a letter to


phone somebody – bez predložky


invite somebody to


shout at somebody- kričať na niekoho v hneve


shout to somebody- zakričať na niekoho


throw something at somebody.- hodiť niečo do niekoho


throw something to somebody – hodiť niečo niekomu / napr. pri športe/


explain something to somebody


apologise to somebody


ask somebody for something – I asked for more information. I asked her a question- keď je tam zámeno, predložku nedávame


talk / read / tell / have a discussion about


discuss something – bez predložky


care about something or somebody


take care of = look after


apply to / a person or company/ for / a job/


wait for


search for


leave for – I left for work

look after- take care of


look for – search


dream about – I dreamt about you last night  / podstatné meno/


dream of – I often dream of being famous.  /sloveso/


hear about – be told about something


hear of – know that somebody or sth exist


hear from – receive a letter or phone call


think about – consider sth, concentrate your mind on sth

What are you thinking about? – premýšľať o niečom


Think of – to have an idea about sth

What do you think of the film – myslieť si niečo - názor



Remind somebody about – tell somebody not to forget

I am glad you reminded me about the meeting.


Remind somebody of – cause somebody to remember

Look at this photograph of Richard. Who does he remind you of?



Complain to somebody about something


Complain of / a pain, an illness/


Warn somebody of / about



Accuse / suspect somebody of


Approve of


Die of


Consist of


Pay somebody for


!!! ale pay a bill / a fine / a tax/ a fare / rent / a sum of Money


Thank / forgive somebody for


Apologise to somebody for


Blame somebody/something for


Suffer from 


Protect somebody/something from /against


Depend on


Rely on


Live on /Money, food/


Congratulate someone on


Compliment somebody on


Believe in – Do you believe in God......ale I believe you


Specialise in 


Succeed in


Break into


Crash /drive / bump / run into


Divide / cut / split sth into – two or more parts


Translate a book from English into Slovak


Collide with


Fill sth with


Provide / supply somebody with


Happen to – what happend to you?


Prefer one thing or person to another


Concentrate on


Insist on


Spend Money on

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