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Going shopping is a part of our everyday life. Some people like spending money on foodstuff and other goods while the other hate it a lot. Many people are happy if they can pick up a bargain in the sales, but whether we like shopping or not you have to do it because it´s a necessity.

There are several types of shops:

Grocer´s - bread, daily products, vegetables, fruit, meat, beverages, flour, tinned items etc.

Newsagent´s - newspapers, magazines, cigarettes, matches, handkerchiefs, postcards...

Greengrocer´s - carrot, parsley, broccoli, cabbage, apple, pear, banana, orange, grapes, green pepper

Butcher´s - pork, beef, chicken, poultry, lamb, venison, sausages, meat products, ham, salami, minced meat, cold cuts...

Clothes shop - trousers, T-shirts, shirts, skirts, dresses, jackets, sweatshirts, tops, coats ...

Stationery - paper, writing implements, pencil case, water colour, brush, office supplies, glue, ruler, rubber, ink and toner ...

Shoe shop - sandals, flip-flops, high-heeled shoes, boots, slippers, moccasins, oxford shoes, trainers, laces, wellingtons...

Off-licence - alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, wine, brandy

- prices are usually lower than in bars or pubs

Electronics - TV sets, microwave ovens, garden tools, laptops, mobile phones and accessories, printers and scanners. wireless cameras, batteries, battery chargers, headphones

Baker's - pastries, rolls, buns, bread, sandwiches,

Confectioner's - cakes, cheesecakes, cream puffs,

Florist's - roses, tulips, violets, sunflowers

Ironmonger's - screws, nuts and bolts, hammer, spade, drill

Jeweller's - necklace, bracelet, pendant, rings, clocks, watches

Pet-shop - guinea pigs, budgerigar, parrot

Toy shop - rocking horse, building blocks, dolls

Delicatessen - (deli) - egg salad, cakes

Fish monger's - salmon, tuna, carp

Furniture shop - sofa, armchair, table, desk...

Services in our town

Nowadays people also need different kinds of services.

- banks (we can pay for goods or services in cash or by credit cards, by cheque, they can transfer money, they can give us loans, mortgages),

- insurance companies (car, health, life, property), - post offices (they distribute letters, parcels, postcards, telegrams to the recipients), - police (in charge of keeping law and order, they also fine drivers, we get ID or passports there) 

- educational services - courses, private schools...

- leisure servises - leisure centres, children's corners...

- other services are: accounting, human resources, consultancy, health centers, hospitals, food ordering (home delivery), service station, petrol (gas) station, repair and maintenance, cleaning, dry cleaners, waste management, gardeners, hairdressers, barbers, beauticians, tailors, shoe repair, plumbing, betting shops, carpentry, restaurants, pubs, real estate agencies, travel agencies, cash machines etc. 

Shopping facilities in Slovakia


- usually outside of a town where is space for a large car park

- it saves a lot of time – convenient – you have many products under one roof, more choices

- because they are so big they are able to lower prices – they are cheaper than small shops

-handiness – not having to carry heavy bags of shopping, you’re able to unload them from your trolley into the boot of your car.

- they sometimes offer free gifts to customers who have spent lots of money in their shop, buy two for the price of one…

- buying in bulk (vo veľkom)

-some supermarkets even provide buses to pick people up from rural areas and take them back free of charge

-they are putting smaller shops out of business

Shopping centers (malls):

- speedy lifts, escalators

- Artist material, Carshop, Boyswear, Girlswear, Beds and bedding, Electronics, Carpets, Cina and glass shop, Furniture, Fashion Accessories, Gifts, Household, Lingerie, Sportswear, Toys, Stationary, TV and Radio, Tobacco, Bookshop, Knitwear, Leather Goods, Laundry, Shoes, Watches, Clocks, many restaurants, food stores…

- you can pay by credit cards (also foreign credit cards)

-shopping rush: before Christmas season, but generally at weekday lunchtimes and on Saturday

-it is a collection of independent shops, services and parking area

-modern adaptation of historical marketplace

-children can play in the child’s corner

-people can be entertained – they can go to the cinema, meet friends (local snack bar, coffee bar), fast food corner…

Smaller shops (individually owned local shops):

- it is very difficult to compete with supermarkets

- not such a wide range of products (no space, profit)

- cannot afford to sell things as cheaply as supermarkets

-you cannot touch the goods you want to buy, compare the prices

-they are good for old people without cars, they don’t need to buy so much food as young families – don’t have to travel to supermarket (they use small local shops)

-older people know shop assistants – they can talk to her, chat

- assistants can order goods people usually buy

-sometimes we forget to buy something in the supermarket – the local shops are useful then (especially corner shops – open much longer).


- places where buying and selling occurs. We know many types of markets, e.g. indoor market, street market, night market, farmers´ market, flea market or flower market. There are many stallholders with their stalls full of different goods.

Nowadays there are several ways of shopping:

  • in person – going to a shop
  • on the phone
  • through catalogues
  • e-shopping – on the Internet – the items are then delivered by mail (mail order),. We usually use the Internet to buy books, electronics, clothes...

Advantages and disadvantages of shopping online positive sides: • it’s comfortable (you can do the shopping in your room), easy

  • you can search the cheapest item (compare the price)
  • it is sent directly to your house...
  • you can order goods at any time of the day – negative sides: • you have to wait for delivery (it can take longer than in a shop)
  • you cannot try some things on (if they don't fit you, you have to send them back and pay for the mail twice)
  • maybe you don't like the items (they looked different in the catalogue)
  • there can be some damage
  • your order can be mixed up...

How to pay:

- cash, credit cards, debit card, all kinds of electric money, e-cash – digital money, cash on delivery (C.O.D), cheques, money transfer, delivery on payment, postal money order…

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